The launch of Artemis had to be stopped: the trip to the Moon could be postponed for several weeks!

The launch of Artemis had to be stopped: the trip to the Moon could be postponed for several weeks!

The launch of Artemis had to be stopped: the trip to the Moon could be postponed for several weeks!

Again, the NASA was forced to postpone the launch of the Artemis I al moon. Saturday 3 September, about 3 hours before the opening of window by firing, the Space Agency interrupted take-off preparation operations due to a fuel leak detected during the filling of the tanks. The initial launch of the mission, which was to take place on August 29, has been postponed due to a sensor which indicated that one of the 4 motors in the SLS main stage had not cooled properly before it could be turned on.

NASA needs to communicate in more detail about the rest of the operations. You should know that if the leak can be repaired on site, that is, on the launch pad, a next launch attempt could take place between September 20 and October 4. But if the repair requires you to bring the pitcher inside the Assembly Building, the VAB, the next launch attempts will only take place starting from 15 October.

To this leakage problem is added that of the management of the batteries that activate the launcher’s in-flight destruction system. According to the rules in force, NASA must return the launcher to the VAB to verify that this system is working properly. NASA and space authorities are discussing an exceptional waiver not to return the SLS to the VAB if the leak can be repaired on site. To continue then.

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Artemis I: the take-off of the SLS mega-rocket is still scheduled for 3 September

Article by X. Demeersman published on 2 September 2022

NASA announced its powerful launch vehicle, the SLS, which was ready to take off from the Kenney Space Center in Florida on Monday, Aug.29 at 2:33 pm. The new date announced for the flight ofArtemis I is this Saturday, September 3, at 2:17 pm local time, or at 8:17 pm in mainland France. The shooting window will close two hours later. And if the conditions for take-off are still not met, a new test will be carried out on 5 September.

Update: the Space Agency informs that the forecasts weather report I am currently in favor of 60% for Saturdays and 70% for Mondays. NASA clarifies that there will be no shooting on Sunday because it would deploy the solar panels ofOrion in the “area ofeclipse ”, Ie in the shadow of the Earth, which is too risky. And “if the mission takes off on Saturday, it will last 37 days, with the landing of Orion on 11 October”.

On Monday, August 29, the countdown was interrupted 40 minutes before the scheduled take-off, when the teams noticed that the engine 3 was not cooling sufficiently and that there was also a loss ofhydrogen on what they call a “purge box”. Engineers had to do it “Managed the loss by manually adjusting the debts from thruster. The next few days will therefore be dedicated to the review of these elements and in particular of the procedure for filling the tanks, specifies NASA: “A procedure similar to that which was successfully performed during the Green Run at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi”. Engine cooling tests will also be carried out previously.

Update: NASA provided more details on the night of Thursday to Friday, September 2 on Engine 3. It is now almost certain that the thermometer the engine is faulty and the engine had actually reached the correct temperature. L’anomaly it would therefore be just a false alarm, but the “hydrogen” team will still cool the power lines first. There was also a hydrogen leakage problem liquid in the interface between the launcher and the launch pad, it has been fixed. We also noticed a crack in the mousse isolation in the “interstage” (structure between the two floors). Foam debris could hit the booster but NASA considered this problem secondary.

We will not miss a shot of this show that promises to be spectacular and historic, marking the beginning of the Artemis missions (humans on the Moon and Mars) And return of human beings to a world other than Earth.

The take-off of Artemis I is postponed to 2 September

Article by X. Demeersman published on August 29, 2022

NASA said it was forced to cancel the launch of its massive rocket, the SLS (Space launch system), originally scheduled for this Monday August 29 at 2:33 pm Paris time, due to a technical problem.

In question, an anomaly detected in the cooling circuits of one of its main engines. This failure would have caused the engine to overheat e merger after take-off and therefore compromised the 42-day mission in space and around the Moon. Under these conditions, the American Space Agency naturally preferred to postpone the maiden flight of its powerful launcher, which cost over 35 billion dollars, and therefore the Artemis I mission, to this Friday 2 September. The launch window will open at 18:48 CET and close 2 hours later.

Artemis I is the first part of the ambitious mission of the same name (sister of Apollo) which aims to bring the earthlings back to the surface of the Moon, 50 years after the end of the program Apollo. These stays planned for 2025 will only be stages on the path towards which the human being must lead March in the next decade.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 2 September, around 6:15 pm, for a new life of this space event with our expert hosts.

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