The living devoured by the acidification of the seas

The living devoured by the acidification of the seas

The living devoured by the acidification of the seas

Acidification is proceeding in the seas of Japan. The cause is carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by human activities, which, dissolving in slightly alkaline sea water, acidifies it, threatening the marine ecosystem. Weakened, the shells of crustaceans and the shells of crustaceans struggle to develop. In Japan, where fish consumption is high, there are fears of the consequences of this disruption on the fishing and tourism sectors. Researchers are trying to shed some light on the phenomenon.

It is June 16, in the Bungo Strait, between Kyushu and Shikoku [grandes îles du sud du Japon]. About 800 meters off the coast of Oita prefecture, a cylindrical sensor is submerged 5 meters deep. Connected to a floating raft by a rope, it measures the pH of the water daily, an indicator of acidity and alkalinity. Here the relationship between the acidification of the seas and the excessive mortality of pearl oysters recorded in part of this oyster farming region is studied.

With support from the Japan Foundation, research groups, including the University of Hokkaido and Satoumi Zukuri Kenkyu Kaigi, a non-profit research council, analyzed data on the quality of the water in which aquaculture thrives. The results

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Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Tokyo)

Due to its circulation, the “Economic Journal of Japan” is undoubtedly the most important business newspaper in the world. The quality of his articles is worth that of Wall Street newspaper or Financial Times.

the Nihon Keizai Shimbun it is at the origin of the Nikkei group – known for its stock market index -, of which it is the main newspaper. Since its publication in 1876, the newspaper has specialized in business. A century later, it established itself as the magazine for Japanese business leaders. With 1,300 journalists and 90 offices (32 of which abroad), it excels in analyzing not only economic life, but also political life. His editorials quickly attack conservative government and business leaders when he believes liberalism is in danger.

Nikkei Group is an online services expert. Long before the advent of the Internet age, it offered many services to all modem owners. Today only the editorials and some factual articles are taken from the print edition. The newspaper prefers to offer free content built around thematic files and studies carried out by the various branches of the group. An English version of the content is available, but there is a fee for access.

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