The new Spider-Man game exceeds all Marvel expectations

The new Spider-Man game exceeds all Marvel expectations

The new Spider-Man game exceeds all Marvel expectations

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is already shaping up to be an amazing blockbuster and is expected to be unveiled again very soon.

If there’s one hero who has proven himself in a version of a video game, it’s Peter Parker. In 2018, the Insomniac studio released a video game adaptation of the adventures of Spider-Man and to set a new standard in this field. In just four years, this title will have been entitled to a spin-off alongside the character of Miles Morales as well as a remastered version initially released on PS5 and available on PC from 12 August.

Not surprisingly, given this success, PlayStation unveiled the continuation of the story of Peter and Miles in September 2021. The title was no longer talked about after this announcement, until a certain Millie A. got involved in everything. this … In a tweet posted on September 6, he claims to have exclusive information on Insomniac’s new game. Although this type of anticipation is to be taken with a grain of salt, the young woman had already revealed the existence of Wolverine’s game even before her announcement. The sources seem safe and apparently we have to expect very heavy.

Amazing gameplay coming soon

Millie A.’s tweet has the merit of being simple and straight to the point. She explains it the game “exceeds all expectations of the great heads of Marvel” And “the fluidity and graphics are amazing according to the employees“so that some”they thought they were watching a movie. The power of the PS5 should show its full extent with this game Mater and Clank separate, Insomniac’s experience is well established. In addition to this good news, it would appear that these beautiful images should be revealed very soon.

The big Disney D23 conference will open its doors tomorrow, Friday 9 September. This first day will feature a Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. At the announcement of this event, the Burbank company had promised big surprises, and Spider-Man 2 could very well be one of them. See you tomorrow at 10pm (now French) to discover Disney video game ads.

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