The Noz destocking chain closes at least 20 stores

The Noz destocking chain closes at least 20 stores

The Noz destocking chain closes at least 20 stores

To the self-proclaimed number one destocking in Europe, there is the crisis. On Saturday 3 September at least 20 shops closed, out of just over 300 in France. The company, created in 1976 in Laval and boasting a turnover of 550 million euros on its site, has closed at least seven stores in the West: Lorient, Le Mans, Flers, Saint-Brieuc, La Ferté-Bernard, Château-Gontier- sur-Mayenne and Gonfreville. An eighth, located in Evron in Mayenne, is also closed, second Mayenne Courier.

In a copy-paste email sent to several journalists, where only the name of the shops changes, the company indicates: The Noz de … store has faced a decline in turnover in recent months. Unfortunately, in the current economic context, we are experiencing procurement difficulties at the purchasing center level. As merchandise arrives in a high flow, we are no longer able to continue to supply certain stores properly. Despite the various actions carried out, the results are not there for these stores.

Contacted, Noz did not respond to our requests for clarification.

“Unions are not welcome”

What will happen to the employees? The email itself specifies it actions are implemented regarding the employees of these stores. However, it is difficult to contact trade unions if they exist. According to a union delegate from Mayenne, the company it has no representative. Unions are not welcome.

The founder of Noz was in fact sentenced by the criminal court of Laval, then by the court of appeal of Angers, because, in particular, obstacle to the free designation of staff representatives. Sentence annulled by the Court of Cassation in 2018, which referred the case to the Rennes Court of Appeal. This had again condemned the entrepreneur, before the Court of Cassation annulled the decision and sent the case back to Rennes.

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