the republic is not a priority, says the prime minister

the republic is not a priority, says the prime minister

the republic is not a priority, says the prime minister

Australia’s priority is to organize a referendum on the political rights of indigenous peoples, not to replace the monarchy with a republic, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Thursday (15 September).

Although the center-left Labor Party leader is a staunch Republican, he refused to engage in this debate just days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Australia, a member of the Commonwealth, is a constitutional monarchy with the ruler of the United Kingdom as the head of state.

Anthony Albanese said he is focusing on a referendum plan to give indigenous peoples, who are around 670,000 in Australia, less than 3% of the population, the right to be consulted by parliamentarians on matters that affect them. A process calledVoice in Parliament“.”I want Australians to focus on the Voice in Parliament“, He underlined in the microphone ofABCnational radio, when asked why the country could not also consider its future under the monarchy.

We should be proud to share this continent with the oldest unbroken culture on earth, at least 65,000 years old.“, Argued Antonio Albanese, elected in May for a first three-year term. “This is something that should be resolved before other issues are discussed.“He added. British colony for over a century, Australia gained independence in 1901 but retained the monarch as head of state.

Republic-friendly Australians

In 1999, Australians narrowly voted against the queen’s impeachment. Polls carried out before Elizabeth II’s death showed that most Australians were in favor of establishing a republic. The republican question was revived by the coming to power of Antonio Albanese, who in a short time appointed the first “Delegate Minister for the Republicof the country and suggested that another referendum could be held in the future. “Achieving constitutional change in this country is very difficultHowever, Anthony Albanese explained, recalling the 1999 vote.The idea that you have multiple debates at the same time is not, I believe, feasible and I have clearly indicated my priorities“, He continued.

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