The royal dress protocol followed to the letter by the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II

The royal dress protocol followed to the letter by the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II

The royal dress protocol followed to the letter by the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II

Her colorful skirt suits, her matching fascinators, her white gloves and her signature paint color … Here are some of the dressing room rules that the late Elizabeth II indulged in, according to royal protocol.

The queen is dead, the queen is alive. Elizabeth II followed a very strict dress code.

The rules of the royal locker room of Elizabeth II

  • If he always wore a colorful monochromatic look, in part he always had to be as visible as possible, for reasons of representation, but also for safety. The sooner she could be spotted, the better it was possible to protect her.
  • All women of the royal family are required to wear skirts or dresses that come below the knee, as a matter of decency, and this is obviously a rule that Elizabeth II adhered to.
  • In addition, Elizabeth II also had small weights sewn into the hem of her skirts, to prevent a gust of wind from lifting them (which would surely have caused a scandal in England).
  • In winter as well as in summer, even in the midst of a heat wave, she had to wear nude pantyhose to show a look as even as possible.
  • In addition, the Queen of England loved to wear gloves, always short during the day and longer (we are talking about opera gloves) in the evening as required by the royal protocol. She had them in all colors, so she could match them with her clothes, of course.
  • Under gloves, it is out of the question to wear brightly colored nail polishes. She came from naked or nothing, as the protocol dictates. Her favorite shade was Essie’s ballet slippers.
233624-essie-essie-enamel-classic-other3-1000 × 1000
Nail polish in the shade Ballet slippers – Essie – € 9.50 for 14 ml.
  • In 2019, Queen Elizabeth II changed royal dress protocol to ban the use of real animal furs, to avoid sparking unnecessary debates.
  • And what would English folklore be without the famous hats unlined at the slightest important occasion. It has been mandatory since 1950. Hence the fascinators more or less colorful and spectacular for weddings, for example. The Queen of England therefore always wore a fascinator to match her outfit, which had become an informal synonym for her crown.
Elizabeth II The crown hats
Elizabeth II, Thomas Pernette’s Crown Hats (EPA, 2021), € 24.95 for 240 pages.
  • Finally, the protocol of the royal dress requires that the members of the Crown always have a black dress ready (even in the luggage when traveling for example) in case it is necessary to show mourning. Today, therefore, it will be the neighbors of Elizabeth II who will sadly have to apply this rule.

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A photo credit: Her Majesty the Queen, Colonel-in-Chief of the Grenadiers, at a ceremony to present new colors to the Grenadiers of the Company of Nijmegen in the Buckingham Palace Gardens in June 2013. Crown Copyright 2013 Photographer: Sergeant Adrian Harlen. MoD News license.

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