the royal family opens a condolence book online

the royal family opens a condolence book online

the royal family opens a condolence book online

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09:59 : According to the BBC, Prince Harry left the Balmoral residence, where he spent the night. The Duke of Sussex left just over half an hour ago.

10:04 : No official date has been announced. And for good reason: the coronation of Charles III could take place in several months, the time to organize the ceremony. Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953, more than a year after the death of her father.


09:47 : The American magazine News week points out that in some countries, such as India, Australia or Nigeria, the death of Queen Elizabeth II does not arouse the same emotion. After the announcement of her disappearance, “LResidents of the former British colonies were quick to point out the role of the monarchy in subjugating their country. “we can read.

09:33 : The Russian president reacted last night with a press release declaring itElizabeth II rightly enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects, as well as authority on the world stage “.. “The most significant events in the recent history of the United Kingdom are inextricably linked to the name of Her Majesty”he added, offering his condolences to Charles III.

09:32 : hi FI Putin reacted to the disappearance of Elizabeth II?

09:34 : Never has a British heir waited so long to ascend the throne. Charles III becomes king at 73. He returns to video his tortuous journey, punctuated by the divorce with Lady Diana, which the British had reproached him a lot.


09:17 : Good morning @OliveAlthough he is the new heir to the throne, Prince William will not automatically become Prince of Wales, the BBC explains. This title must be formally conferred on him by his father.

09:17 : So William becomes Prince of Wales?

09:11 : There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.

09:11 : On Twitter, 10 Downing Street cat Larry also pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

09:06 : It’s just after 9. Here’s a new point in the news:

• Hundreds of Brits gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. The sovereign died yesterday at the age of 96, in her Scottish residence in Balmoral. Follow our live.

• After spending the night in Balmoral, the new King Charles III will return to London during the day, along with his wife Camilla. His first televised speech as a sovereign is scheduled for the day.

Disappointment for Caroline Garcia. In an hour of play, the Frenchman was beaten in the semifinals of the US Open by the Tunisian Ons Jabeur (6-1, 6-3).

The revaluation of retirement pensions, promised by the government, must be paid today. This 4% increase is paid retroactively on 1 July.

09:03 : On franceinfo, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, former ambassador of the United Kingdom, recounts his last meeting with the queen in 2014.


08:52 : An online condolence book has been opened on the official website of the royal family for all Internet users who wish to send a message in his memory.

08:45 : At the beginning of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II reigned over the largest empire in the world. After her, her son, her son Carlo will be the ruler of a considerably reduced territory. In seven maps, franceinfo travels the countries of which Elizabeth II was sovereign, from distant lands to uninhabited islands.

08:38 : Jean-Pierre Jouyet, former ambassador to the United Kingdom, is a guest of “8h30 de franceinfo”. An interview to follow live on the radio and on the franceinfo channel.

08:36 : This morning European Commission flags at half mast in #Brussels #QueenElizabeth

08:36 : In Brussels, the flags of the European Commission are also at half mast this morning, reports our correspondent Julien Gasparutto.

08:34 : Emmanuel Macron was one of the first heads of state to pay homage to Elizabeth II. The Head of State wants to associate the French with the mourning of the British. This is why he decided that the flags of all public buildings, including the Elysée, are now at half mast.

Queen Elizabeth II and Emmanuel Macron at the G7 summit in England in 2021. (JACK HILL / POOL)


08:32 : Emmanuel Macron sent a word to the new King Charles III through his private secretariat, according to the Elysée, he learned the political service of France Télévisions. Yesterday he turned to “His Majesty the KingCharles III, to the Royal Family, to Her Majesty’s Government and to the British people the testimony of his age-old friendship and sadness“.

08:26 : The British are “very sad” this morning. In London, our journalist Louise Bodet collected the testimonies of the people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace. Obviously we were considering it, but now that it has happened, it seems unreal.James breathes for example.

Hundreds of candles and bouquets of flowers were placed outside Buckingham Palace in London after the news of Elizabeth II's death was announced.  (WIKTOR SZYMANOWICZ AGENCY / ANADOLU)


08:21 : Hi In fact, succeeding his mother Elizabeth II, Charles will not only reign over the United Kingdom, but will also become the head of the Commonwealth. However, “In recent years, most of the countries [du Commonwealth] they wanted to distance themselves from this tutelary figure of the British crown at the head of their state “, Etienne Leenhardt, former correspondent in London, observes on franceinfo. “Small Commonwealth countries, such as Barbados, have gained independence”remember.

08:12 : Elton John sings “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” after paying homage to Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto

08:12 : A British music legend hails the Queen’s memory. Elton John paid tribute to Elizabeth II yesterday at a concert in Toronto, Canada. “She was a stimulating presence. I approached her and she was fantastic”, he said before interpreting Don’t let the sun go down on me.

08:26 : “He’s not his mother’s star, but there will be a honeymoon for him.”

The new King Charles III ascends the throne after the death of Elizabeth II. How will you prepare for this succession? “She spent her whole life preparing for this moment. She knew this moment was coming. She always knew it.”notes journalist James Blitz on franceinfo.

07:32 : In 70 years of reign, it is true that Elizabeth II seems to have met the whole Earth: political personalities, song or movie stars, heads of state and government, but also sportsmen. Again in the images of these meetings.





07:54 : Emmanuel Macron will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in a video message that will be published at 10:30, he learned about the political service of France Télévisions from the entourage of the Head of State. Yesterday, in a long statement, the French president welcomed “the one who joined the giants of the 20th century on the path of history” and that “went to join them”.

07:20 : It’s not just the British national anthem that will change. Coins and stamps will also adopt the face of the new King Charles III. We summarize in this article what the death of Elizabeth II will change in daily life in the UK.

British coin with the face of Elizabeth II, photographed in London (UK), January 17, 2021. (ALBERTO PEZZALI / NURPHOTO / AFP)


07:14 : Absolutely @Ninait will become the British national anthem God save the king, with a masculinized version of the lyrics. A habit that will undoubtedly be difficult for the English, who sing God Save the Queen since 1952.

07:15 : God Save the Queen will become God save the king ?

07:25 : Throughout the night, hundreds of Britons flocked to Buckingham Palace, London, to pay their respects to the Queen. On the spot, our special correspondent Naoufel El Khaouafi describes a mixed atmosphere “sadness” And “nostalgia”.


06:57 : Taxes continue to pour all over the world. The Chinese president presents his “heartfelt condolences” United Kingdom. Xi Jinping defined the disappearance of Elizabeth II a “great loss to the British people”.

06:53 : Across the Channel, the British press pays tribute to its queen. “We loved you, lady”title The sun. More sober, the Guardian he simply posts a photo of Elizabeth II, crown on head and scepter in hand.

06:47 : Good morning @The child and thanks. Unsurprisingly, the front pages of the French press are largely devoted to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

20 minutes 09 September 2022

Le Figaro Une of 9 September 2022

06:47 : Hello Alice! Good luck to you who are already working when many of us get up! A press review of the day? Thanks to you !

06:27 : Good morning @Long live the king, the official date of Elizabeth II’s funeral has not yet been officially announced. However, protocol stipulates that they are normally held nine days after her death, at Westminster Abbey in London.

06:27 : When is the funeral?

07:29 : After spending the night in Balmoral, Charles III will return to London during the day, along with his wife Camilla. His first televised speech as a sovereign is scheduled for the day.

The new British ruler Charles III, on 3 June 2022 in London (United Kingdom), during the platinum jubilee of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.  (HENRY NICHOLS / AFP)


06:15 : The British gathered overnight outside Buckingham Palace in London to pay their respects to Elizabeth II.



06:19 : Let’s start as usual with a first point on the news:

• Queen Elizabeth II, ruler of the United Kingdom for more than 70 years, has died at the age of 96 in her Scottish home in Balmoral. Her tributes have poured into her country and the rest of the world.

• The eldest son ascended the throne at the age of 73, with the name of Charles III. His first official speech as a sovereign is scheduled for the day.

Disappointment for Caroline Garcia. In an hour of play, the Frenchman was beaten in the semifinals of the US Open by the Tunisian Ons Jabeur (6-1, 6-3).

European energy ministers are meeting to try to agree on a series of emergency measures to stem the surge in gas and electricity prices.

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