The situation of a family of 11

The situation of a family of 11

The situation of a family of 11

SANT’ANDRE. At the same time that Miss Reunion was received in Joé Bédier’s office, at the reception, a couple and their nine children threatened to sleep in front of the town hall if a solution was not found. Nothing will happen. After a new meeting with the city services and the mayor, she took over the management of Champ-Borne and a house that she had rented for more than 20 years but which she had to leave urgently because it was not hygienic. “dangerous”. “There is no more electricity and the roof could collapse”proclaims his father, Jean-François Bardil.
He accuses his owner of never having carried out the necessary work on the roof. Result: serious infiltrations affecting the health of children, the youngest of whom is only three years old. Some have had asthma attacks. In response, their landlord gave them until September 25 to leave the premises. The family has also been without electricity since last Tuesday. Despite his research, he claims he has found nothing for rent in the private sector. Not better on social media. It is therefore towards the town hall that she returned last week. Unemployed, like his wife, he calls himself the father of a family “depressive” and wounded in the leg.


At the town hall, we make sure we do our best. After a visit by a technician, who allowed the lights to work again, a generator and petrol were made available. Temporary assistance in a guesthouse in Ravine-Creuse was refused by the family this weekend, judging the place dangerous and unhealthy. Same result for another proposal from yesterday. “The problem is that today there are few accommodations corresponding to the composition of this family unit, both in the social and in the private sector, it is not easy but despite everything we are fighting” comments Joe Bedier. “We followed the whole procedure, the town hall filed a complaint for unhealthiness, the support of the CCAS was put in place and the sub-prefecture was asked to make the connection with the foundations, we clash with the reality of the social park”continues his chief of staff.
The solution could take the form of municipal housing, the municipality considering renovating about thirty former LLTS belonging to it with the project of reselling them at the price of the Estates. The work is estimated at € 300,000. “We must regularize it while people are waiting for accommodation, respecting the rules and giving priority to those entitled to”, the mayor explained last night. A new meeting is scheduled for the end of the day today with the family who refused temporary hotel accommodation. He hopes to find a home soon.


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