The Team launches the NFT Ballon d’Or

The Team launches the NFT Ballon d’Or

The Team launches the NFT Ballon d’Or

The group The group starts in Web3. On the occasion of the 66th Ballon d’Or ceremony, on October 17, at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, a collection of NFT Ballon d’Ors was created, with many associated benefits.

Each NFT will allow access to exceptional services. Some holders will be able to attend the Golden Ball award ceremony for 20 years. Fantasy football fans will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive Sorare Ballon d’Or cards. A dedicated platform was also created, accessible from Monday 12 September, to obtain these NFTs and find the various purchase forms: In addition, a Discord Ballon d’Or was successfully launched on the social network Discord on August 31st.

Part of the profits devolved to the Fondaction L’Équipe

The NFTs were designed in collaboration with contemporary artist Léo Caillard, a visual artist graduated from the Gobelins school and cryptoartist member of the NFT Factory collective. He worked around the pyrites, the precious stones at the base of the trophy. Technically, the choice fell on Tezos technology, designed to be energy efficient. Its carbon footprint has therefore been reduced by 70% since its implementation. Furthermore, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Fondaction L’Équipe.

“True Pyrite”, 3 unique 3D NFTs designed by Léo Caillard, will be auctioned on September 15th. They will give VIP access to the ceremony on October 17th. On the same 17th October, each of the five winners (men’s golden ball, women’s golden ball, Kopa trophy, Yachine trophy, Gerd Müller trophy) will receive the digital double of their trophy in NFT.

2,022 “Pyrite Fragments” NFTs will be sold.

All those who participated in the auction on September 15th will have priority for the sale of the “pyrite fragments” on October 23rd. A private sale of 1,772 NFTs over a 24 hour period will be organized on that day. These will be sold to Tezos for an equivalent of 199 euros each. The next day, October 24th, there will be a sale to the general public of these “Pyrite fragments” designated by Léo Caillard, and which have not found a buyer, with a sale to Tezos for an equivalent value of 249 euros. In any case, at least 100 NFTs will be reserved for sale to the public.

A total of 2,022 “Pyrite Fragments” NFTs will be sold and will give access to numerous benefits. Finally, on November 8, 2 artistic and unique NFTs by Léo Caillard will be sold during the group’s traditional photo auction. The group with the Millon auction house. These 2 NFTs will give access to the 2023 Ballon d’Or ceremony.

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