The third best pizzeria in the world is in Paris

The third best pizzeria in the world is in Paris

The third best pizzeria in the world is in Paris

The pizza of I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci, in Caserta (Campania), first on a par with Una Pizza Napoletana, in New York. The Masanielli – Francesco Martucci / Press

After establishing the rankings by geographical area, the 50 Top Pizza transalpine guide presents, on the model of the 50 best restaurants in the world, its first ranking of the 100 best pizzerias in the world.

There was the ranking of the best pizzerias in Italy, Europe (outside La Botte therefore), the United States, Asia-Pacific. It would have been a shame, given the resonance of the controversial but hugely popular World’s 50 Best Restaurants, not to propose one that would bring all the countries together on one list. It is done for the 50 Top Pizza transalpine guide, launched online in 2017 by journalists Albert Sapere, Barbara Guerra and Luciano Pignataro, with the Michelin guide as a model (for the anonymity of the visits) and the 50 Best, in fact, for the collective survey through panels.

This Wednesday 7 September, at the sumptuous Teatro di Corte of the Royal Palace of Naples, the home of pizza, the presentation of the first top 100, which collects the rankings of the four areas covered by the guide (40 in Italy, 25 in Europe, 15 in the USA, 15 in Asia-Pacific), as well as some addresses in South America (4) and Africa (1).

Not surprisingly, the pizzeria that won the 100 best in the world in 2022 is located in Campania – I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci, in Caserta … But, more surprisingly, it shares the chair with Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana, in New York, on the Lower East Side.

Cocorico is a French address that is on the third step of the podium: Peppe of the Neapolitan Giuseppe Cutraro, already winner of the European ranking, and who has had three restaurants in Paris in recent days (after rue Saint-Blaise – 20And – and rue Saint-Jacques -5And-, has just opened rue des Martyrs, at 9And). The 30-year-old Cutraro also starts with a special prize, that of pizza maker of the year.

From fourth to ninth place remain in Italy – 50 Kalò and 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria, in Naples, I Tigli, in San Bonifacio, Francesco & Salvatore Salvo, in Naples, Seu Pizza Illuminati, in Rome, La Notizia 94, in Naples. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco closes the ranking.

“The guide, as a whole, presents many different styles of pizza, even if, not surprisingly, the Neapolitan style, classic and contemporary, remains dominant. Naples first of all, then New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo are the major pizza cities in the world, in terms of quality.“Commented the trio initiating the ranking.

Two other French addresses, based in Paris, are among the top 100. Gennaro Nasti is in 70th placeAnd place with 400th Laboratory (11And), although he has already left the restaurant he launched in early 2022 this summer to invest in a new Parisian project. And Guillaume Grasso (15And), which ranks 88And.

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