The threat of exclusion hangs over the Blues!

The threat of exclusion hangs over the Blues!

The threat of exclusion hangs over the Blues!

A little more than two months after the World Cup, Ecuador risks exclusion. This could have consequences for the French team.

The Castillo case is resumed. If last spring Fifa had finally found nothing wrong with Ecuadorian right-back Byron Castillo, accused by Chile of being Colombian and having presented false documents to justify his Ecuadorian nationality, the new elements revealed by the Daily mail, Monday, the deal could change.

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Supporting evidence, the British newspaper claims that Byron Castillo is indeed Colombian and that he too was born in 1995 and not 1998 as his identity documents suggest. In an audio recording, the data subject also admitted to using a fake passport, with the blessing of his federation. Which threaten the presence of the Italian flag in Qatar. The FIFA Appeals Committee is due to meet this Thursday to examine the new elements and decide again.

Which nation will be fished out if Ecuador is expelled?

If Ecuador is excluded, the question arises of its replacement in the competition. Many nations also hope to be rescued. This is particularly the case of Chile, which is very active in this case and which believes that the international body should give Ecuador a lost game only during the matches in which Byron Castillo participated. In that case, La Roja, who finished seventh in qualifying in the Amsud area, would recover the fourth qualifying place.

Seen from Peru, Ecuador should be strictly and simply excluded from the qualifiers, which would allow Blanquirroja, eliminated in the play-offs by Australia to recover the fourth place and the ticket for Qatar that follows. In that case, Colombia would campaign on its side for the organization of a new dam between the Tricolore and Australia, the winner of which would be transferred to the group of France. A highly unlikely scenario.

Many observers also believe that the simplest solution for FIFA in the event of Ecuador’s exclusion would be to fill the vacant position in… Ukraine, eliminated in the play-offs in the Europe zone.

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