The UK PM has “pledged” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland

The UK PM has “pledged” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland

The UK PM has “pledged” to find a solution to the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland

A “negotiated” solution rather than a frontal shock. The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, said she was ready to work with her on Wednesday 7 September “all parts” to resolve Northern Ireland’s status crisis.

In question, a protocol negotiated at the time of Brexit that effectively creates a customs border between the island of Great Britain and the British province, and that hinders trade flows between these territories. Designed to prevent the re-establishment of a physical border with neighboring Ireland that would risk undermining the 1998 peace, the Northern Ireland Protocol keeps Northern Ireland in the European single market and customs union.

It was in the year 2019, when negotiations for the UK’s exit from the European Union raged, that the Northern Ireland Protocol was established. The Anglo-Saxon press regularly describes this protocol as “the dynamite of Brexit”as tensions continue to crystallize between the British and Europeans, but also within the UK itself.

As long as this text is not contested, the Irish unionists in fact refuse to form a local executive, which should be shared with the republicans of Sinn Fein. -uempty chair policy that has been going on for several months. As for the European Commission, it has initiated a total of seven infringement proceedings against London for non-compliance with the protocol.

Faced with these blocks, London has introduced a law, still under parliamentary review, to revoke some key provisions of this agreement. A unilateral decision that gave rise to threats of commercial reprisals from Brussels.

“We must address the issues of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has damaged the balance between the communities of Northern Ireland”Liz Truss said during her first question-and-answer session in parliament as head of government on Wednesday. “I am determined to do so and determined to work with all parties to find a solution.”

“We can’t let this drag on because my number one priority is to protect the supremacy of the Good Friday Agreement.”he insisted, referring to the text that in 1998 put an end to three decades of war between unionists and republicans, in a context of sectarian conflict and debate on reunification with the Republic of Ireland.

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