the very strict requirements of Charles III

the very strict requirements of Charles III

the very strict requirements of Charles III

The entourage of Charles III, when he was only Prince Charles, knew everything about the latter’s daily life. Even the smallest needs of him, concerning his bathroom, his meals, his movements. In recent years they have given their testimony, portraying a man for whom “everything must be done”.

We know that when she woke up, Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed reading her freshly ironed newspaper. A binding request for her servants but less eccentric than it seems because it was a question of not staining her fingers as she flipped through her pages. An aversion to the ink she passed on to her son, as evidenced by Charles III’s annoyance on Tuesday during his trip to Northern Ireland against a faulty pen. And this pays attention to a large number of additional details on a daily basis.

At least that’s what this article says. New York post appeared on Tuesday, citing testimonies from former members of his staff in the media in recent years. Their stories paint the portrait of a very demanding man, sometimes to the point of absurdity.

The former butler of Elizabeth II then Diana, Paul Burrell, who delivered himself in 2015 in front of the cameras of a documentary produced by Amazon and entitled At the service of royalty: within the company (which can be translated as At the service of the royal family: behind the scenes of the Studiothe popular label attached to the Windsors in the UK), sums it up like this: “We do everything for him”.

Iron is essential

And there is also a question of iron. “We iron his pajamas every morning, his laces are ironed,” says Paul Burrell. Still in front of the documentary makers of the Amazon, the latter added: “He asks his servants to spread two centimeters of toothpaste on the toothbrush”.

After this first intervention, the servants have not yet left the inn and still less from the bathroom. “The tub should be half full, only at a lukewarm temperature, and the drain should be placed in a certain location,” Paul Burrell once again recalled.

Charles is so picky when it comes to health matters that his “Home” has to carry the toilet seat and toilet paper – branded Kleenex Velvet – whenever he goes.

Culinary requirements

Also warned friends who invite him to their second home for a vacation or a simple weekend in the country – this time according to journalist and biographer Tina Brown in her book The cards of the palace published a few weeks ago: their guest arrives only after a procession made up of his “furniture, his bed and even his photos”.

Obviously, a character who is so straddled between his daily grooming and his sleep has instructions to give regarding his breakfast. Graham Newbould, a former Dynasty staff member, entrusted him At the service of royalty: “He has a very healthy formula: homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, freshly squeezed fruit juice. And wherever he goes on the planet, his breakfast box follows him.” Inside, according to the same interlocutor, there are “six different types of honey, a special type of muesli, its dried fruit”.

Her culinary needs don’t stop at breakfast and extend throughout the day. He therefore asks that his cheese and biscuits – which apparently accompany the end of meals – be reheated before tasting, according to an element taken from the New York post. Nice pity that it has a corollary for its employees. They must have a trolley specially equipped for this heating operation at hand.

“The pampered prince”

So many habits that earned him a nickname among the servants of Clarence House, his official London residence, inherited by the British state upon the death of his grandmother, the Queen Mother, in 2002: “Pampered prince“, or” the pampered prince “.

Certainly, since then Carlo has risen in rank and his title has changed. I’m not sure, however, that his new assistants, housekeepers, cleaning men and women will notice the difference in their daily work.

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