The Voice Kids: Nikos Aliagas moved and moved to tears, this child reminds him of Grégory Lemarchal!

The Voice Kids: Nikos Aliagas moved and moved to tears, this child reminds him of Grégory Lemarchal!

The Voice Kids: Nikos Aliagas moved and moved to tears, this child reminds him of Grégory Lemarchal!

A few years ago, the death of singer Grégory Lemarchal shocked France. Suffering from cystic fibrosis, the artist was able to do so win the hearts of many people. In The Voice Kids a talent resembled him a lot.

A touching performance in The Voice Kids

In 2007, Grégory Lemarchal died at the age of 23 from cystic fibrosis. And the least we can say is that he left a incredible footprint on Earth. Years after his death, there is still talk of him.

This Saturday, September 10, Nikos Aliagas also thought about this incredible singer in The Voice Kids. Indeed, a talent made him think of Grégory Lemarchal. The facilitator seemed very moved.

Florian, 9, filmed the “SOS version of an Earthman in Peril” (Daniel Balavoine) of the great Star Academy winner. Originally from Romania and living in France for two years, he managed to do it thrill the audience.

If the kid chose this version for The Voice Kids, it’s for good reason. He wanted to pay homage to the missing singer: “He is an artist who has given me the desire to sing and also work “.

Conquered by the first note, Kendji Girac didn’t hesitate to press his red bell first. Followed by Julien Doré. Nikos Aliagas, very moved by Florian’s parents, revealed that he sang ” Gregory’s note“.

“Gregorio is in my heart”

The Voice Kids nominee has finally chosen to join the Kendji Girac team. And this, for his greatest happiness. And for good reason, the singer was immediately fascinated by the young man’s incredible performance.

He also confessed: “I sing this song too, but I’m still afraid to sing it! “. Later, the dad revealed that Florian had incredible technical ability. He is very proud to have him on his team.

For his part, Nikos Aliagas also expressed his emotion. Still shocked by Florian’s performance in The Voice Kids, he confided: “You know you have me it is very pleasant.

The one who is next to the parents confided: “Because I know you worked on Grégory Lemarchal’s version. And you know that Grégory is in my heart, in all our hearts, forever..

Finally, Nikos Aliagas concluded: “And it’s so nice to see a great young man like you come in with all his courage and take over Gregorio’s song. I congratulate you on this! “.

Nikos Aliagas pays tribute to Grégory Lemarchal

Last April, the presenter of The Voice Kids also paid an incredible tribute to Grégory Lemarchal. Always a lot moved by his passing, he shared a lovely message on his social networks.

On the anniversary of the singer’s death, Nikos Aliagas wrote on his Twitter account: “Time passes but the Angel remains. His passage, as short as it was intense, changed our lives “.

Before adding: “His testimony has become a reason to be for thousands of people. I think of Pierre & Laurence, Leslie and her children “. A message that had also moved the Web.

If Grégory Lemarchal passed away many years ago, it doesn’t mean that The Voice Kids host has forgotten him. On the contrary. He continues to perpetuate his memory.

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