“These cases have to be judged specifically,” recommends the minister for gender equality

“These cases have to be judged specifically,” recommends the minister for gender equality

“These cases have to be judged specifically,” recommends the minister for gender equality

“Slap your wife has nothing to do with stealing a laptop from a store. You have to question this act and give it an immediate answer.” Cases of violence against women must be tried “in particular”, recommends the Minister Delegate for Gender Equality on Sunday 4 September. Isabelle Roma speaks in an interview with Sunday newspaperwhile Elisabeth Borne announced on Friday the creation in late September, for a period of six months, of a parliamentary mission to present proposals to improve the judicial treatment of domestic violence.

This mission will be entrusted “To the parliamentarians of various groups, in charge of drafting an investigation first, since in the 164 courts of the country there are already 123 emergency treatment channels”says Isabelle Rome in The JDD. “Within six months they will make recommendations” And “with Elisabeth Borne and Eric Dupond-Moretti, we can also take inspiration from models such as Spain or Quebec”adds.

Asked by The JDD on the possible creation of a category of magistrates, the minister delegated to the Prime Minister replies no “want[t] do not anticipate the conclusions of the mission. “” At the very least, we must continue to train all judges and prosecutors who can deal with these types of cases. In particular on the notion of influence, including coercive control “adds Isabelle Roma.

Notes that the withdrawal of parental responsibility from the perpetrator of domestic violence “They are pronounced more and more often: 411 only in the first half of 2022, compared to 75 in 2017”. “We need to put an end to this old pattern that an abusive spouse can be a good father”he said again.

“We must also question the violence of the perpetrators and provide specific support to the victims”continues the Minister Delegate, announcing the start of the academic year “new start package”. “A sort of one-stop shop, tested on several sites, to provide all the necessary support to the victims and help them take flight: mobilization of social assistance, access to training, assistance to return to work, emergency accommodation or psy support ‘explains.

However, it does not announce an increase in the allocated budget “this great cause” renewed for five years. “The billion euros that associations ask for, we are there”defends Isabelle Roma, who gets this result by putting “end to end all the sums dedicated to it by the ministries”. However, the specialized associations still denounce the lack of funds.Will without means is an effect of proclamation. To say that it is important but not to find the money to solve the problem is not coherent “. Anne-Cécile Mailfert had mocked Friday on franceinfo, President of the Women’s Foundation.

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