This’ 90s star print is the trend of the new school year

This’ 90s star print is the trend of the new school year

This’ 90s star print is the trend of the new school year

Posted Aug 30, 2022 at 5:15 pm

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The fashion of the 90s continues to inspire us again and again. After so many returns of iconic garments, it’s up to the tennis stripes to be the center of attention.

As the start of the school year approaches and everyone is about to get back to their daily routine, we want to catch up on the fashion trends that will swing this September. And there are a lot of them, as you might have guessed. The main trend of Barbie, the trend of schoolgirls or even the normcore trend that is back in vogue again … A tempting program but that is nothing compared to the real trend to follow: the tennis strip. Yes, that print that has passed into the hands of every fashionista of the 90s has returned to relive, once again, fame and adulation. A little summary for those who don’t know what tennis stripe printing is. They are simply very thin stripes, most often on a black background, in the vertical direction. This print, which had won the hearts of many fashionistas at the end of the last century, has already begun to (re) emulate itself all over the world. Last May, singer Cornelia Jakobs, representative of Sweden at Eurovision, decided to wear a sleeveless jacket and low-rise striped tennis pants on stage. A cocktail that couldn’t be more refined than the 90s! The designers also had a lot of fun playing with tennis stripes on the runways of the latest Fashion Weeks: Carolina Herrera, Annakiki or even Lecourt Mansion… So, it’s time to take this print out of the closet.

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How to wear the tennis strip?

Clearly, let’s get straight to the point: you have to wear this old school print over a trouser suit or a suit. Going for a jacket alone or pants alone also works. The idea is to bring out the part of female workers who could have played in “Ally McBeal”. Let’s pair all this with a pair of low-heeled pop shoes or grunge ankle boots, because grunge is also very 90s. And don’t worry, the tennis stripe doesn’t have an “oversized” effect, as you might think, thanks to the fineness of its print. Ideal, right?

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