This cult sneaker from the 90s has a very low price for the start of the school year!

This cult sneaker from the 90s has a very low price for the start of the school year!

This cult sneaker from the 90s has a very low price for the start of the school year!

We’ve all experienced the stress of choosing a back-to-school outfit! What is the new fall fashion? Which accessory is in vogue right now and how do you show your sense of style to everyone, both at school and at work? Know this, in this back to school 2022, your feet could very well be the supports of the iconic September accessory.

Star of the 90s, the Adidas Gazelle sneaker makes its comeback in 2022

The fashionistas of 90’s, this should take you back to a golden age. Fashion is cyclical, we know, but seeing items from a bygone era reappear is always something special. Here are the gym shoes which should act as Proust’s madeleine for some of you.

If the Low waist jeans is also attempting a comeback, this revival is not unanimous, unlike this iconic piece of the 90s. In fact, the famous Gazelle sneakers Adidas are the protagonists of this new school year, and will make many people happy! How come ? Simply because they go with everything. To break up a formal look in a dress, or for a total chill look in jeans, September’s flagship sneakers have it all. With her, the fashion faux pas is far from lurking for you. Even its price, up to 100 euros, fits many pockets, and allows you to (finally) afford fashion at a reduced price.

Furthermore, its starting price could still be reduced thanks to a major online ready-to-wear brand …

The Adidas Gazelle for sale on La Redoute!

We like sales, but running into promotions on fashionable items is a little extra pleasure that we are wrong to deprive ourselves of. And that’s good, since La Redoute offers you the Adidas Gazelle at a low price. From 100 euros excluding the promotion, the Gazelle go to 75 euros on the La Redoute website if you wear shoes over 38 and a half. If you are lucky enough to be under this size, you can benefit from a shockingly low price, which can even drop to 48 euros! Not bad for trendy sneakers, right?

Adidas Gazelles, on sale at La Redoute

In full inflation, such opportunities must be seized and do a world of good for morale. So, if you haven’t bought yours back to school lookand that you are still with your toes open, we wish you a happy end of the holidays and a good internet connection to offer you these real little wonders!

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