Thomas Pesquet, fed up with having to justify himself in the face of conspiracy theories

Thomas Pesquet, fed up with having to justify himself in the face of conspiracy theories

Thomas Pesquet, fed up with having to justify himself in the face of conspiracy theories

Norman astronaut Thomas Pesquet has posted on his Twitter account several answers to the conspiracy theories circulating on the web from his interview with Thomas Sotto on France 2.

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Very present on social media to share with us his missions and his magnificent shots, Thomas Pesquet had to use this means of communication to respond to his detractors. Host of the newspaper France 2, presenter Thomas Sotto interviewed the scientist, originally from Normandy, about the Artemis 1 mission. The sending of the Orion capsule to the Moon has been postponed to this Saturday, September 3, 2022. During this interview, the astronaut returned to his fascination with the night star:

“When I look at the Moon at night, I still get a little shiver, because it’s not the same thing to say to yourself it’s humanly possible to go there. The Moon, you have to see that there is a factor of 1000. It is 1000 times farther than the Space Station. There is yet another dimension to space travel, “he said, before adding:” We will go very far. Although no human has traveled from Earth. “

This last sentence was enough to awaken the conspiracy theories that have been polluting the work of scientists for nearly 50 years. Some saw it as a “confession” that humans have never walked on the moon.

Only when he spoke of “going very far” did Thomas Pesquet evoke the journey of the Artemis mission itself, which plans to circumnavigate the Moon, going as far as 70,000 km farther than Earth’s only permanent natural satellite, before landing there.

The “controversy” continued to swell on social media. So on Wednesday, August 31, the scientist chose to make an update

Sure yes, the human went to the moon during the Apollo missions “. He also regretted that “ some enjoy blurring the truth And that others let themselves have.

“Take the question seriously: who wins in all of this? Not NASA no, but the manipulators who tell you it’s all fake. (…) And no, we will not prove here that the moon landings have taken place, because it has already been done MILLIONS of times, it is all over the web, and in any case the guys don’t listen, they tell the truth but choose the things that suit them and ignore the rest “he was annoyed again.

It also worries me a lot to see how some enjoy blurring the truth and others enjoy it “, He writes, denouncing the“ manipulators ”. ” In fact, it gets me drunk writing all this. It shouldn’t and shouldn’t be more patient, but it’s irritating. The guys who tell you “we’re lying to you, look, the truth is here, I’m not lying to you, of course, Doesn’t that sound a little easy?

Thomas Pesquet thus greeted the overtime thousands of people promote science and research around the lunar adventure. “There is nothing easier for a boy than to hide behind the keyboard and say things because it suits him for you to listen to him”he complained, concluding his message by donating “See you on the moon in a few years”.

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