thunderstorms cross France and intense heat in the south

thunderstorms cross France and intense heat in the south

thunderstorms cross France and intense heat in the south

While temperature records were broken on Monday, widespread thunderstorms are expected in the Central South.

The former Hurricane Danielle, which some experts have described as a threat to Europe, reached Portugal in a phase of simple depression. Now it causes, as the Weather Channel * indicates, a meteorological event “complex“, Bringing an increase in warm air to the south of France and thunderstorms are likely to occur across France.

Temperature records for September, some dating back more than 50 years, were also broken on Monday during a heatwave linked to a rising air from Morocco. Particularly hot in the Landes, with 39.1 degrees in Mont-de-Marsan (old record: 37.1 ° C in 2016) and 39 ° C in Dax (38 ° C in 2016), and in the great South-West in general , with in particular 36.5 ° C in Albi (36.4 ° C in 2005) and Brive (35.9 ° C in 2005).

On Wednesday, therefore, intense heat is expected in the southwest and a widespread risk of thunderstorms over the Languedoc, the west and the center. Le Figaro provides a region-by-region update on the weather for Tuesday 13 September.

The weather for Tuesday 13 September

From Brittany to Lower Normandy it’s at Pays de la Loire, the weather is threatening and cloudy, with severe thunderstorms. If the morning were to be placed under the sign of mildness, the afternoon will see reinforced showers. Occasionally significant accumulations (10 to 20 mm) will be observed, and this under severe heat.

In Hauts-de-France is in the Great East, the weather will be cloudy. The morning should be mild, although showers develop and strengthen in the afternoon.

in TheAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Burgundy and Franche-Comté, the weather will be very mild in the morning, but the sun will be hazy. Heavy thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon and evening between the Massif Central, Burgundy and Franche-Comté. The Savoys will be hit in the evening.

In the southwest, the morning is warm and cloudy. The weather is stormy in the Pyrenees with strong gusts of wind. In the plains the risk of storms is widespread. 30 to 32 ° C are expected.

The island of France and the Center will experience mild but cloudy weather. The day will instead be heavy (around 26 °) and thunderstorms could break out in the morning and at the end of the afternoon.

In Occitania, the weather should be cloudy and stormy in the morning in Hérault and Gard. In the afternoon, thunderstorms will break out between the Haute Garonne, the Aveyron and the Cévennes.

Finally, the PACA and the Corsica stay away from stormy weather. The sun will be hazy and hot.

Several departments were subjected to “significant risk” storms this Tuesday. The weather channel.

* The Weather Channel is owned by the Figaro group.

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