Tie your sweater this year to be on trend!

Tie your sweater this year to be on trend!

Tie your sweater this year to be on trend!

The designers have lots of news in store for us for the new season. But what will be the trend of going back to school in 2022?

Being creative isn’t always an easy task. And it gets even more complicated when it comes to redoing the wardrobe. This is a problem that most women face today.

What do you want, back to school and we always want to surprise those around us. But sometimes you won’t need to do everything possible: inspired by the 2022 back to school trend, the sweater around the waist might be for you.

Trend back to school 2022, between negligence and elegance …

Before becoming a fashion, this 2022 back-to-school trend was simply a habit. Taking off the sweater and tying it around your waist really causes a rise in heat. In other words, this gesture means feeling of discomfort.

Generally seen in children and adolescents, this behavior is still considered a form of neglect. This is no longer the case. Otherwise, not for long. Milliners have found a more fun and elegant way to pick up on this gesture. This is how the 2022 return to school trend was born.

Fashion lovers have discovered this 2022 back-to-school trend during the fashion shows dedicated to the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season. The peculiarity of this 2022 back to school trend is that the sweater around the waist is worn with chic clothes. In a word, neglect turns into elegance.

Yet another proof that stylists are masters of creativity. For its part, Bottega Veneta suggests wearing the sweater at the waist with a satin dress or with a sequin embroidered dress. Of the various ways to adopt the style, this is the most popular today. As for Louis Vuitton, the 2022 back-to-school trend is worn with full skirts, XXL polos or dresses in fluffy fabric.

Is tying the sweater around your waist really a good idea?

That could be it for now this fall 2022 trend doesn’t excite you too much and for various reasons. The idea already seems childish to you but then you think it has nothing attractive about it.

A priori, the sweater wrapped around the waist recalls those schoolchildren and university students who come out of class and present themselves with an unrecognizable air. For your part, you will carefully choose the outfit you will wear with the 2022 back to school trend.

It will be the same with regard to the choice of the sweater itself and the choice of accessories. Plus, it’s not about tying up your trendy jumper for back to school 2022 anyway. Try every possible way to make your bow even more stylish.

Plus, this fall 2022 trend won’t require you to change your wardrobe. It saves you from making large investments. Whether it’s the sweater or the clothes you’ll wear with it, there’s no need to buy new ones. Basically, this style combines both originality and economy.

Back to school 2022 trend: how to customize your look?

Even following fashion, it is always preferable to customize your style. However, in the beginning it is more convenient to take it easy. That said, take inspiration from the outfits proposed in the winter-autumn fashion shows or take a trip to the shopping centers. This is how the imagination will come easily to you. Note in passing that this style owes its origin to the trends of the 90s and 2000s. As a result, you will have the opportunity to reinvent looks dating back to this era. This would be the case with denim jumpsuits.

In the United States, a large number of women wore this garment with a sweater around their waist. This outfit goes best with a pair of boots or sneakers. It can also be worn with a headband. This will make you an extra knot. Fascinating, right? Still in terms of customization, have you ever thought about tying your sweater in a different way? Why not wear it on the shoulder or tie it on the body? Whatever your choice, among the accessories you can also consider a pair of sunglasses and a pair of earrings to match your outfit.

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