Tiffany & Co. is making a jewel and a film with Beyoncé: a sign of jewelry in top form despite the crisis?

Tiffany & Co. is making a jewel and a film with Beyoncé: a sign of jewelry in top form despite the crisis?

Tiffany & Co. is making a jewel and a film with Beyoncé: a sign of jewelry in top form despite the crisis?

After releasing her new album RENAISSANCE in July, celebrating her 41st birthday on September 4th and anticipating highly anticipated future clips, Beyoncé signs a jewel and announces a video with Tiffany & Co. in front …

Beyoncé just celebrated her 41st birthday on September 4, 2022, but still no music video to accompany the release of her new album RENAISSANCE, released on July 29. On the other hand, she is still leading the fashion news by appearing in a new campaign by Tiffany & Co. After the previous controversy, Queen Bey reappears in a commercial titled “ Get lost in love “.

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Beyoncé poses with jewelry from Tiffany & Co.’s Hardwear line © Instagram screenshot.

Beyoncé protagonist of the new Tiffany & Co. campaign “Lose Yourself in Love”

It was Mason Poole who photographed the star ambassador of the American jeweler recently acquired by LVMH. Through several images, Beyoncé wears jewels from the different lines of the house: Tiffany T (with the typical T-shaped ends), Tiffany Knot (characterized by a knot) or even the new Tiffany Lock (ultrapure abstraction of the padlockcomposed of two interlocking gilded half-sections).

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17.32.46
Beyoncé was photographed by Mason Poole for this Tiffany & Co. campaign called “Lose Yourself in Love”. © Instagram screenshot.

The singer of ” BREAK MY SOUL Also sporty a customized version of a Tiffany Hardwear necklace (a line with a brutalist aesthetic launched in 2017) in 18k gold links three times larger than the original design and that took almost 40 hours of assembly. Some copies will be marketed in an ultra-limited edition.

Funds scholarships for art students from black universities

In addition to these images, the campaign also recalls the existence of the jeweler’s social platform, Tiffany Atrium, in collaboration with Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter. Together they finance scholarships, called ” Tiffany & Co. About love “. This academic aid is dedicated until 2024 to art students of historically black American universities (HBCU for” historically black colleges and universities “).

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In partnership with Beyoncé, Tiffany & Co. funds scholarships for art students in historically black American universities. © Instagram screenshot.

But it is above all the announcement of the release of a film based on his song ” SUMMER REBIRTH which excites Beyoncé fans. Grammy Award-winning clipper Mark Romanek directed the video, choreographed by Emmy winner Fatima Robinson. Something to help wait until Queen Bey (finally) release clips for her album RENAISSANCE

Who can afford jewelry as crises escalate?

But who can afford Tiffany & Co. jewels today in France, concretely? If inflation threatens the finances of French men and women and beyond, it turns out that the personal luxury goods market has nonetheless experienced a spectacular rebound in 2021, surpassing its pre-2019 level by 3%. -pandemic, succession Le Figaro.

In this surprising context of growth, the jewelry market, valued at 22 billion euros, is particularly up 7% compared to 2019explains to the great national newspaper Mathilde Haemmerlé, partner in charge of the Luxury division at the consulting firm Bain & Company in Paris:

“This is a reassuring product category, which implies strong resilience. Before the crisis, China was the main growth engine, the United States from 2021 and Europe more recently are new driving forces. “

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Beyoncé with in particular the new Tiffany Lock bracelet. © Instagram screenshot.

Gold, a safe haven and even damn profitable in times of crisis

Sales of watches and jewelry in France increased by 54% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same quarter of 2021 (Figure Ecostat), also highlights Le Figaro. A sign that gold, whose rating is only rising, remains a safe haven and also damn profitable, especially in times of crisis.

Regarding budget management, the Swedish financial and technical company for payment facilities Klarna has just published a study with interesting results:

Almost 4 out of 5 French people save part of their income every month. As for the amount, more than 10% of the monthly income is set aside. The most common reasons to save are to afford a vacation (39% of Generation Z, 41% of Millennials, 36% of Generation X and 40% of Baby Boomers) or planning for retirement (33% of Millennials, 48% of Gen X and 35% of baby boomers). “

Tiffany & Co. - LOST IN LOVE

And contrary to popular belief, Generation Z saves more (18% of their income)therefore more than millennials (14%) and twice as many as generation X (10%) and baby boomers (9%), according to Klarna. It is also the younger generation who say they are most confident about their financial future: 44% of Zoomers (compared to 40% optimists among millennials, 23% among Gen X and 5% among baby boomers).

Faced with these figures put forward by Klarna, we can better understand the interest of attracting a younger audience for a luxury jeweler like Tiffany & Co. And nothing like Beyoncé to contribute to this. As Queen Bey herself sings in ” WARMED UP “,” I have a lot of style, I have a lot of Tiffany’s on me!

Tiffany & Co. - LOST IN LOVE

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Front page photo credit: Instagram screenshot from Tiffany & Co.

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