Toko Ekambi and Lukeba worsen the score … Lyon wander against a drifting SCO (4-0) …

Toko Ekambi and Lukeba worsen the score … Lyon wander against a drifting SCO (4-0) …

Toko Ekambi and Lukeba worsen the score … Lyon wander against a drifting SCO (4-0) …


  • Despite having the best start to the season (accounting) in ten years (3 wins and 1 draw), Olympique Lyonnais (4th in Ligue 1) welcomes this Saturday (19:00) an already struggling SCO from Angers (19th ).
  • This match of Matchday 6 of Ligue 1, which will air on Prime Video, could allow Peter Bosz’s men to continue their full card at Parc OL, following the successes against Ajaccio, Troyes and Auxerre.
  • The wise:

For OL: Lopes – Gusto, Mendes, Lukeba, Tagliafico – Caqueret, Tolisso, Faivre – Tetê, Lacazette, Toko Ekambi.

For Angers SCO: Bernardoni – Bamba, Hountondji, Mendy, Doumbia, Valery – Bentaleb, Ounahi, Boufal – Diony, Hunou.

65 ° : Tetê and Lacazette, two of the greats of the evening, are replaced by Reine-Adélaïde and Dembélé. Bosz is in a chair training there. Great ovation from the north for his (new) number 10, with “Alexandre Lacazette, Lacazette, Lacazette, Alexandre Lacazette ohohohoh”.

64 ° : Tell yourself that in two minutes there could have been two more goals. And yes, we have a little trouble to follow: Lacazette stumbles closely on Bamba who tears away, and at this moment a very wild Taste is signaled with a long shot (from the left please) that slips under the crossbar, without mimes from Bernardoni leaves. What are your picks, 7-0 in 25 minutes?

62 °: The Angevin defeat starts: Lukeba’s buuuuuuuuuut on Romain Faivre’s corner. He got the better of the whole defense and Bernardoni with a header. The Baticle band eats very dear in this second period.

59th: And troiiiiiiiiiiii for OL! When it’s not Lacazette, it’s Toko Ekambi tonight. Let’s take the same actors or almost, with Tetê for the small shift towards his perfect right-wing accomplice Malo Gusto. The center of the wing, slightly deflected at the start, finds Toko only on the far post. 2nd evening pass with an excellent Taste among other things.

50th: We definitely only see Lacazette or almost at the moment. This time we drop a very large curled punishment that passes very close to the goal of a bewildered Bernardoni on the spot.

49 ‘: Another goal from Lacazette, but this too refused for an offside this time more controversial in spirit. Superb passer decisive on the spot, Tetê was certainly in an offside position on Tagliafico’s initial serve. Except that it was not at all he who was targeted by the Argentine at the start, and that it was the unfortunate Hountondji who diverted (however) this opening in the direction of the Brazilian winger. I hope I haven’t been too confused. In short, you will have understood, always 2-0 anyway.

47th: Ohoh the somewhat controversial action of the evening: Doumbia climbs on the left wing and in the center. Hunou recovers with his right and is opposed by Tagliafico. The Angevin claims a penalty and we understand it as the Argentine’s arm is hit on the spot. But Thomas Léonard is not called a priori by the VAR because he does not go back to seeing the images.

21:00: We start again!

19:45 : Here is the interval, and even though we thought they were average for a long time, the Lyonnais knew how to make the game easy. The two-goal gap is not undeserved and Alexandre Lacazette continues to write his beautiful story in his city. See you in a few minutes for the second period friends.

45th: Anthony Lopes prevents OL from returning less calmly to the locker room. Good little touch on a strike at the entrance to the Yann Valery surface.

41 °: It’s hot Alex Lacazette say it! Following a whim by Toko Ekambi on a corner, he managed to once again score a good sequence in two halves. But clear and clear offside for him who cancels technically and in terms of liveliness this rather big goal.

39 ° : Here then is Lacazette on the podium of the top scorers in the history of OL, with 132 pawns like Serge Chiesa. Next goal is the indescribable Bernard Lacombe (149 goals). As for Fleury Di Nallo, we will have to hold on to take him with his 222 units.

38th: And the Lyon car is launched forever! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut of Lacazette, on a well executed action, between a controlled opening of Tolisso on the right, then a perfect center of Malo Gusto. Quiet on the spot, Lacazette sends a good header out of Bernardoni’s reach. It seems over, but with OL …

32nd: And here it is, the buuuuuuuut of Lyon! Top scorer, our good old Karl Toko Ekambi has his second goal of the week (and of the season). At the start, Mendes opens in medium depth, but Bamba passes. Toko takes advantage of this by readjusting the movement, and unleashing a nice volley from the left, which is really not easy, which Bernardoni touches but cannot get out.

25 : Still no completely simple opportunity for OL: this time it is Lacazette who sees his diving header thwarted by a somewhat borderline (but correct) intervention by Bamba. For once, the first act against Auxerre was more convincing than this one so far.

16 : Another chance for Lyon on a set piece, but Bernardoni’s new save counts for nothing: the sequence between Mendes and Toko Ekambi was accompanied by an offside first.

13th: Ouuuuuuuh the big chance for the SCO: ball lost by the defender of luck (or bad luck, it depends) Thiago Mendes. The cult Loïc Diony launches at a walking pace and challenges Lopes. The Lyon goalkeeper partially won his duel by stopping the ball and Lukeba did the rest of the work by pulling this hot ball out a meter in front of the goal line.

9th : It is not this mini-chance with a center forward from Gusto who falls on a vigilant Bernardoni, but on the spot one still feels that Tetê (already 4 goals) has good legs (and good dribbling) originally.

8th : This red Angevin Le Mans jersey from the Tulio De Melo era is fantastic, right?

7th : Note that Paulo Bernardoni will be, without too much surprise, booed / insulted throughout the match from the curves. Even a few months’ loan to Forez (which ended with a relegation) is enough to score the Lyon fans.

3rd : It is the first big chance for Lyon, with Tagliafico who triggers a big left deflected from the end of the gloves by Bernardoni, after a good combination on a free kick, and above all a magnificent opening by Lukeba. Well, the Argentine team was stopped on the spot, but this action started the Lyon game well.

19:00: And it’s gone

18:55 : We have seen during this pre-match some nice little images of discussions between Moussa Dembélé and Gérald Baticle, former Lyon assistant manager then, and that tonight he could play big as regards his personal future, and in case of defeat at the OL Park.

18:50 : Side Angevin, we’ll be honest, we tried harder when exchanging starting names. Let’s admit it straight away, for example, we didn’t imagine starting Loïs Diony in a Ligue 1 match in 2022. Derby effect?

18:45 : And hop, we find you as expected in a stadium as expected just filled. Here is the composition of Lyon to begin with, you had everything right in our predictions, where the only suspense or almost was on the central triplet. The little Lepenant finally breathes a little, and therefore we are entitled to Caqueret-Tolisso, and Faivre in a more advanced role (to Paqueta therefore), despite the fairly ordinary match on Wednesday.

9:10 am : Here is also our video debrief on Wednesday against Auxerre, where we return for example to this somewhat exaggerated expression of “reference match”, and therefore signed by Peter Bosz. Come on, I’ll see you without fail at 6:45 pm, tcho tcho.

9:05 : Obviously we didn’t leave you a day without topics to taste before the game. Here is the return article we wrote after the victory against Auxerre (2-1) three days ago. Although pulled in the last 10 minutes, this victory nevertheless thrilled Peter Bosz, who prompted us to question ourselves on the true interpretation of the start of the OL season (4th without convincing).

9:00 am: Hello 20 Minutos, is it surfacing quietly this Saturday morning? No need to crawl into the living room to check your TV Z and see what Ligue 1 has in store for you this weekend, we’re here with the absolute poster. Oops, we’re doing a little too much. But all the same, the terrifying Gérald Baticle, who remains on three straight losses with Angers, visits his former club at 7pm this Saturday at Parc OL. Tease, Lyon fans, but Bruno Genesio’s former assistant offered his all-time lesson as number 1 manager last summer against Peter Bosz (3-0). If that happens again, it would be love at first sight as Lyon have finally gained some consistency in this very quiet start to the season against the “little ones” of our league. The SCO (19th) is therefore already recovering, while OL (4th) is for the moment where he wants to be in terms of accounting, with 10 points out of 12 possible optimizing his reception of poorly classified in power (Ajaccio, Troyes, Auxerre and therefore now Angers). Among the main news, we will be entitled to the return of Anthony Lopes, after three games of suspension for having crushed Ajaccien Mounaïm El-Idrissy from the start of Ligue 1. We will follow all this with you at the end of the afternoon.

See you at 6:45 pm in Décines to experience this Tokoekambico together, friends (we have hââââââââte).

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