Tomorrow a mega jackpot of 130 million euros is up for grabs

Tomorrow a mega jackpot of 130 million euros is up for grabs

Tomorrow a mega jackpot of 130 million euros is up for grabs

This Friday, place the 1st mega jackpot of the start of the school year.

FDJ EuroMillions Mega Jackpot: Try to win € 130 million this Friday 9th September

With EuroMillions, FDJ regularly creates new millionaires in France. But this week, a small event, the potential winner can radically change his life. In fact, La Française des Jeux offers an outstanding mega jackpot of 130 million euros. Travel, homes, cars or whatever – it’s all within reach. To do this, you just have to give the correct 5 numbers and 2 stars by tomorrow evening at 20:15.

Even if you haven’t found the winning combination, a hefty sum could be waiting for you in the next draw. Keep your EuroMillions ticket safe: with My Million, FDJ will be giving away one of the tickets issued, guaranteeing you at least one winner tomorrow. With one million euros you will already have everything you need to change your life and that of your loved ones.

FDJ EuroMillions mega jackpot: how to play online with your grid?

To make sure you don’t miss out on this new opportunity to become a millionaire, FDJ has it all planned out as well. Today you can play from anywhere. Naturally, the partners of La Française des Jeux sell grids: you can fill in one or more grids at the point of sale closest to you, for only € 2.50 per grid.

But to save on travel, EuroMillions is also available in digital format. On your computer, go to and fill in your grid directly online. The same simplicity awaits you on smartphones and tablets: the FDJ application allows you to fill in your grids wherever and whenever you want.

Also take advantage of all FDJ services. With the flash system, let the case automatically fill your grid. Finally, also take advantage of your participation in EuroMillions this Friday 9 September to discover all the other FDJ games, such as Keno or Illiko – there are games for all types of players.

Will you be the winner of the € 130 million mega jackpot? Reply tomorrow night. In any case, there will be a new millionaire in France with My Million. What if it’s you?

Gambling carries risks: isolation, addiction, etc. Call 09 74 75 13 13 (free call) if you want help.

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