US OPEN – ATP ranking: Carlos Alcaraz becomes the youngest number 1 in history and wipes Lleyton Hewitt from the shelves

US OPEN – ATP ranking: Carlos Alcaraz becomes the youngest number 1 in history and wipes Lleyton Hewitt from the shelves

US OPEN – ATP ranking: Carlos Alcaraz becomes the youngest number 1 in history and wipes Lleyton Hewitt from the shelves

We knew, this US Open final would bring a double dose of happiness for its winner. So this is Carlos Alcaraz after beating Casper Ruud in four sets on Sunday evening. The cake is obviously this first important title. It would have been no less beautiful, no less impressive, no less moving without this number one place in the world. But the cherry is pretty damn beautiful too.

While this seizure of power might initially only be ephemeral as the gaps at the top are narrow, it remains no less historic. At 19 years, 4 months and 7 days, the Alcaraz will become the number one youngest on Monday since the creation of the ATP ranking in 1973. The Spaniard has not only broken this record. He pulverizes it. Never has a player under the age of 20 established themselves at the top of the hierarchy. The previous record was owned by Lleyton Hewitt, number one for the first time at 20 years and nearly 9 months.

US Open

Long live King Alcaraz!


Last winning serve and boundless joy: the historic match point in Alcaraz

Young people in power

This is all the more impressive as time has somewhat aged for the men’s tennis elite over the past decade. Not long ago, the Top 10 was monopolized almost exclusively by thirty-something. Driven young people (Alexander Zverev was number 3 in the world at 20), Jannik Sinner also performed very well very early on, but it is almost paradoxical that the youngest number one in history arises in our time. An extra sign, if needed, which testifies to the extraordinary side of Juan Carlos Ferrero’s protégé.

Of course, his accession to the throne was accelerated by certain circumstances. Starting with the fact that in the last 52 weeks Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have only been able to play intermittently. The Serbian has only played nine tournaments in this period, the Spaniard ten. We can discuss, when there is still time, whether Carlos Alcaraz is already indisputably the best player in the world. But he is number one in the world and, frankly, this costume suits him perfectly.

The 28 number ones in the world

First name Village Date
Ilie Nastase Romania 23/08/1973
John Newcombe Australia 06/03/1974
Jimmy Connors UNITED STATES 07/29/1974
Bjorn Borg Sweden 23/08/1977
John McEnroe UNITED STATES 03/03/1980
Ivan Lendl Czechoslovakia 02/28/1983
Mats Wilander Sweden 09/12/1988
Stefan Edberg Sweden 08/13/1990
Boris Becker Germany 17/02/1991
Jim Courier UNITED STATES 02/10/1992
Pete Sampras UNITED STATES 04/12/1993
Andre Agassi UNITED STATES 04/10/1995
Thomas Muster Austria 02/12/1996
Marcelo Rios Chile 30/03/1998
Carlos Moia Spain 15/03/1999
Yevgeny Kafelnikov Russia 05/03/1999
Patrizio Trave Australia 08/02/1999
Marat Safin Russia 20/11/2000
Gustavo Kuerten Brazil 04/12/2000
Leyton Hewitt Australia 19/11/2001
Juan Carlos Ferrero Spain 09/08/2003
Andy Roddick UNITED STATES 03/11/2003
Roger Federer Swiss 02/02/2004
Rafael Nadal Spain 18/08/2008
Novak Djokovic Serbia 04/07/2011
Andy Murray Great Britain 07/11/2016
Daniel Medvedev Russia 02/28/2022
Carlos Alcaraz Spain 09/12/2022

US Open

LIVE: Watch the final between Casper Ruud and Carlos Alcaraz


US Open

Alcaraz – Ruud: Only one will touch the Grail and sit on the throne


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