US Open – For Daniil Medvedev, Nick Kyrgios was at the level of Nadal and Djokovic on Sunday

US Open – For Daniil Medvedev, Nick Kyrgios was at the level of Nadal and Djokovic on Sunday

US Open – For Daniil Medvedev, Nick Kyrgios was at the level of Nadal and Djokovic on Sunday

Daniil Medvedev lost in a big way on Sunday night at Arthur-Ashe. Defeated in four sets by a hair-raising Nick Kyrgios, the Russian has failed in his quest for the New York double, despite being certain he will lose his place as world number one. He could also get off the podium in the ATP rankings. The consequence of his failure of the day and, beyond that, results in a sharp decline for several months. But if he’s probably not happy with his season, he shouldn’t have too many regrets about this match. He was beaten by better than him.

The shock of this night in New York probably says as much about what Medvedev is no longer as it does about what Kyrgios is now. The performance of the Canberra native, in line with what he achieved this summer, does not come as a huge surprise. But Medvedev was still very impressed, even making this compliment: “I played Novak and Rafa. They are amazing. Nick was on their level tonight in my opinion, in a different style. It really was a high-level game. From him, I mean.

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The future former reigning champion (he still is for a week after all) has lost four times in five rounds to Nick Kyrgios. He is therefore well placed to measure the difficulty of the mission. “It is difficult to play judge Medvedev. His service is fantastic. But from the bottom line it’s not like you have the lead from the start of the point either. Plays well. He has all the punches. “

The only regret of the pupil of Gilles Cervara is that in recent days he has taken a shot of cold, which has reduced him a bit physically. “Physically I started feeling worse in the third set, He explains. It probably made a difference. I felt a little bad today. I always get sick in the US from air conditioning. Last year he was in Cincinnati, which was good because it’s rare to get sick twice in two or three weeks. But that’s not an excuse. Nick played very well. Then he beat me in Montreal and I wasn’t sick …

The Aussie has clearly earned everyone’s respect lately and Medvedev is no exception to this new rule. But the opposite is true. If Kyrgios did not show particular joy after the match point, it was out of deference to his victim: “I haven’t celebrated too much, because I know if I play him nine more times, he’ll probably be on top of me most of the time.Almost surprising when he just won twice in less than a month against Medvedev.

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However, he is aware that he has reached a form of fullness on Sunday, especially in the last two sets, where he has evolved into a dimension that has made him unplayable, even for Medvedev. “I felt so liberated in the third and fourth setHe said. I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed every moment. I’m really proud of it. Overall I played very well. In return, I’ve been great. I am very proud of it.

And now ? Does Nick Kyrgios become the top scarecrow, also the tournament favorite? “If it continues like this, it can go all the way“, slips Daniil Medvedev, who swears he was not surprised:”Not really. He didn’t surprise me but I would have liked him to miss him a little more …“For his part, Kyrgios seems more in the skin of the one who has plotted a course and keeps his gaze straight on the horizon than that of the mad dog conquered by euphoria”.It’s only a round of 16. I’m in fourths.

There, too, it has changed. Six months ago, who would have thought that a place on the roller coaster of a Grand Slam could be a kind of “minimal service“. But Kyrgios has other plans:”This is my last tournament before returning to Australia. I want to go through with it.“No arrogance in this displayed ambition. Simply obvious.

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