US Open – Jannik Sinner – Carlos Alcaraz: a classic for the future and above all a step to take

US Open – Jannik Sinner – Carlos Alcaraz: a classic for the future and above all a step to take

US Open – Jannik Sinner – Carlos Alcaraz: a classic for the future and above all a step to take

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer were unable to make the trip. Rafael Nadal was eliminated even before the quarter-finals. This US Open therefore gives, somewhat in spite of itself, an idea of ​​what the game will be like without “Big 3”. For those – and there are many – who are concerned, there are still good reasons to be optimistic and Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are undeniably part of them. At 21 and 19 years old respectively, they embody, through their talent, their seriousness and their precocious regularity at the highest levels, a very promising succession.

And at Flushing Meadows, they hope to materialize it in the most beautiful way, with a Grand Slam crown, at a table where no one has anything to truly impress them. But before dreaming of the coronation, this duel of young wolves will have an important stake: a first semi-final of the Grand Slam. Already accustomed to the second week – Sinner is in the 5th consecutive, the 3rd for Alcaraz -, they have always stumbled into the quarters, which obviously nothing infamous given their age. The Italian has even become the youngest player to reach this stage in all majors for a while … Novak Djokovic (at 20, in 2008).

US Open

The Wednesday program: Alcaraz and Swiatek at night, Pliskova and Tiafoe as an appetizer


I will push him to be better, as Rafa, Djokovic and Federer did between them

For Alcaraz it will also be about taking revenge on Wimbledon. On the London lawn he lost in four sets (6-1, 6-4, 6-7, 6-3) in the round of 16, before suffering another setback in the final of the Umag clay tournament a few weeks after . “I’ve lost to him twice in the past couple of months, so I’ll have to be ready for this fight“, So he confided after his qualification against Marin Cilic.

While his two setbacks can weigh a little psychologically, the story between the two men is still too insignificant: Sinner has been leading 2-1 since Alcaraz won him at Bercy at the end of last season. In less than a year, however, this will already be their 4th duel, and there should be many more.

I will do everything to be a better player. Trying to beat Jannik can help me get there. And I think it’s the same for him. I will also push him to improve, as Rafa (Nadal), Djokovic and Federer did when they faced each other when they were younger. It will be a great rivalry. And we are good friends off the pitch“, Explained the Murcian to our colleagues at Tennis TV.

Alcaraz and Cilic electrified NY until 2:30 am: the highlights of a spectacular match

At Wimbledon, “Carlitos” was a bit lost

For his ranking – he is seeded # 3 at this US Open -, his most impressive career so far than Sinner’s (notably his wins over Jenson Brooksby and Marin Cilic) and his flamboyant game so apt to ignite the ‘Arthur Court – Ashe, Alcaraz could also be a slight favorite this quarter. After all, the American cement had unveiled it last year and there he continued to shine in the spring by winning the Masters 1000 in Miami. His Italian rival has not yet won a tournament of this magnitude, even though he has 6 to 5 titles for the Spaniard.

However, the prospect of being number 1 in the world in the event of a triumph in New York (or even a final if he does not face Casper Ruud there) could put further pressure on “Carlitos”. However, to best express his tennis, however complete and exciting it is, he needs to have clear ideas, and perhaps more than other players. Sinner is well aware of this and explains it in his own way by speaking of his own game in a more appropriate culinary metaphor.

My little salad is getting a little fuller. I know I can add something more. But if you have more ingredients, you also have more options. So it can be good, but also a bit difficult because sometimes you have to choose between all these ingredients. And there can be some chaos in your mind when it comes to choosing a move, and it has happened to me sometimes“, Transalpin analyzed in an interview with ATP.

Back pass to the net: Sinner’s exceptional point that paved the way for the quarterfinals

Similar moods: between patience and ambition

At Wimbledon, in their only previous Grand Slam duel, Alcaraz sometimes seemed to have almost too many weapons at his disposal and struggled to choose which one to use. And on the grass – a surface that does not forgive procrastination – Sinner’s simple, clear and clean diagrams had proved far more effective. Will it be the same during this night session that promises to be electrifying on Arthur-Ashe’s field? Not necessarily.

Everything will undoubtedly depend on the ability of the Spanish prodigy not to get too scattered. And the affected person quickly learns from his mistakes. Accepting his defeat at the All England Club without batting an eye, he was aware that he was in a learning phase, hoping to play the prep tournaments on grass next year to progress. From this point of view, Sinner resembles him elsewhere. A great follower of interrogation, he did not hesitate to part with his mentor Riccardo Piatti in February to hire a “stranger”, Simone Vagnozzi, then Darren Cahill recently.

Sinner still damn pushed by Ivashka: the highlights of their game in 5 sets

The Italian had to wait until July (and Wimbledon, therefore) to find the quarter-finals of a tournament, but he never panicked. “I am aware of what I already have in my game, so I try to remain confident about this, but also humble: in the end I have won almost nothing or at least no very important games. But it’s all part of a learning process. I don’t want to be in a hurry, but I think I can be proud of what I do, so I hope to continue on this path“, He still estimated.

Work hard and believe in yourself: a leitmotif shared by the two young wolves. If the two men build their careers with a long-term vision, there will only be one in the semifinals of this US Open. And whatever they say, they are equally in a hurry to make their mark in world tennis. This US Open 2022 certainly represents a superb opportunity.

US Open

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US Open

A fun fight, a sacred Alcaraz


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