Versailles Rises to the Throne, Nancy Returns to Life / National / J5 / Summary /

Versailles Rises to the Throne, Nancy Returns to Life / National / J5 / Summary /

Versailles Rises to the Throne, Nancy Returns to Life / National / J5 / Summary /

The crown changes its head.

En route to the capital to face Versailles this Friday night, Dunkirk knew his top spot was under threat. Rightly so, given that at the end of the meeting, Romain Revelli’s men were forced to hand over the chair to the evening conductors (2-0). Put on the right track by their captain Thibault Jaques (10And), the promoted Versailles definitively put an end to the suspense in the last quarter of an hour, when Kévin Pham Ba deceived Sullivan Péan (76And). Yvelines’ club is ahead of Orléans, who only took one point on Cholet’s field (1-1). Matchday five also allowed us to monitor the reaction of Concarneau and Avranches, who lost respectively three and four points on the green carpet for fielding unskilled players at the start of the season. If the traps let off steam in Bastia-Borgo (2-4)the Normans waited for the end of the additional time to snatch victory from the Red Lantern of Sedan (0-1).

The Boars are in great difficulty, but the same can be said for Stade Briochin, which recorded their third consecutive defeat, this time in front of Le Puy. (0-1). On the other hand, Nancy seems to be doing much better. Winning Concarneau last week, Lorraine went on to win a convincing win against Le Mans (2-0). It should be noted that Thomas Robinet, a deserter from Châteauroux in the last hours of the transfer window, took the opportunity to unlock his counter with his new colors. Berrichonne, who finished the match at eight after having suffered three red cards in the last quarter of an hour, could not recover Bourg-en-Bresse (0-2). A shower of red cards also fell on Armand-Chouffet’s lawn, where Villefranche-Beaujolais and Martigues finished nine against nine … and they didn’t know how to decide (1-1)

It is therefore not only in Ligue 1 that the expulsions at the beginning of the season are legions.

Versailles-Dunkerque 2-0

Goal: Jacques (10And) and Pham Ba (76And)

Nancy-Le Mans 2-0

Goal: Derrien (38AndCSC) and Tap (76And)

Sedan 0-1 Avranches

Target: Pollet (90And+7)

Chateauroux-Bourg-en-Bresse 0-2

Goal: Bridges (28And) and Ezikian (90And+3 SP)
Evictions: Barn (77And), Bloody (89And) and Youssouf (90And+2) for Berrichonne

Bastia Borgo 2-4 Concarneau

Goal: Doumbia (43And) and Tattevin (90And+1) for Courses // Gboho (3And), Rabillard (33And), Butra (44And) and Traore (70And) for the Bretons

Cholet 1-1 Orléans

Goal: Jarju (24And) for SOC // Fortunato (27And) for the USO
Expelled: Elimbi (90And) for the USO

Saint-Brieuc-Le Puy 0-1

Goal: Ben Fredj (75And)

Villefranche-Beaujolais 1-1 Martigues

Goal: Bonenfant (38And) for Caladois // Hemia (80And) for Blood and Gold
Expelled: Da Silva (36And) and Bouet (46And) for Caladois // Kembolo (22And) and Toussaint (70And) for Blood and Gold

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