Vote for Sweden, with the far right in an unprecedented position of strength

Vote for Sweden, with the far right in an unprecedented position of strength

Vote for Sweden, with the far right in an unprecedented position of strength

A new European country with a government supported by the far right or a third mandate for the left? Sweden ends voting on Sunday 11 September after a campaign with maximum suspense and an unprecedented scenario dominated by crime and inflation. Never until these legislative elections did the traditional Swedish right consider ruling with the direct or indirect support of the Democrats of Sweden (SD).

Long pariah, the nationalist and anti-immigration party is on the road according to the polls to grab a second place never reached and to become the first formation of a new right-wing bloc. “We want to be part of the government, we’ll see tonight if that’s possible“Their leader Jimmie Åkesson told reporters, waiting for Sunday afternoon in a long line to vote in Stockholm.

The outgoing Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson, hopes to remain in power by relying on a series of “red green“, For the third term of four years in a row for the left.

The campaign was dominated by themes that could favor right-wing opposition: crime and deadly gang settlements, rising fuel and electricity prices, integration problems … But the solid popularity of Magdalena Andersson, whose index of confidence surpasses that of his conservative rival Ulf Kristersson, as well as the bogeyman of the far right, are advocating the cause of the left.

The two neck and neck fields

The five electoral institutes give a very slight advantage to the red-green field in their latest gusts (49.6% to 51.6%), against 47.6% to 49.4% for the total right / extreme right, but they are all in the margin of error. “It’s very, very tightPrime Minister Andersson noted as he left the polling station late Sunday morning.

The day before, on her last day of the campaign, the 55-year-old leader said she was “concerned about a government completely dependent on the Democrats of Sweden“. The past two weeks of the campaign have seen SD, led for a fifth election by Jimmie Åkesson, surpass the Moderates in the polls, by around 19-21%, a new record. Significant immigration in recent years and serious troublesome troubles. with criminal gangs they fed the party.

349 seats to fill

The office of Prime Minister traditionally returns to Sweden to the first party of the victorious alliance. If SD hopes in the ministries, the other right-wing parties are reluctant to have him in government, preferring to have him in support of Parliament.

Even on the left, the exact form of the executive leaving the polls remains marked by uncertainty, with disagreements between left and center parties.

But political scientists say a political crisis similar to the one that followed the 2018 election – four months to form a government – is unlikely, as the fields are better delineated.

The victory of the right supported by the far right would open a new political era for Sweden, which must take the rotating presidency of the European Union on 1 January and finalize its historic candidacy for NATO, also supported by rights.

A total of 349 seats are allocated proportionally to parties that reach at least 4%. To be invested, a Prime Minister does not have to have 175 votes or more against him, but not necessarily an absolute majority in his favor.

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