W9 launches the “battle royal” of reality shows with an interactive game

W9 launches the “battle royal” of reality shows with an interactive game

W9 launches the “battle royal” of reality shows with an interactive game

A logistical challenge at all levels. This Monday, W9 innovates with the arrival of Fifty on its antenna. For the first time, the channel is launching into large-scale reality TV with five dozen contestants competing over the course of days for victory. Here there are no secrets to keep, no temptations to succumb to, no work to do, but a series of more or less easy to win tests, not to mention a pinch of strategy.

The audience, the only winner of this game

In a castle located one hour from Paris, the fifty candidates will have to live together. They were invited there by the owner, a lion, who puts a € 50,000 kitten into play. But the first peculiarity of this program is that the players do not compete to win the bet but to win it for one of the viewers.

As soon as the program is launched, the public will be invited to download a free application through which they can become part of the “support club” of one of the fifty personalities. If he is eliminated or disappoints the fans, they can change teams. The most important thing is to follow the right person at the beginning of the last week, when registrations are closed. Thanks to a drawing done in front of a bailiff, one of the supporters of the victorious personality will win the entire jackpot.

A merciless arena

In an arena of 650 square meters located outside the castle, players will be subjected to daily tests of precision, logic or eliminatory resistance. We have thought a lot about the principle of fairness between players, it is absolutely necessary that spectators can support the candidate they want with all the possibilities. Games will always be puzzling simplicity … Well, in principle, “laughs producer Florence Fayard.

At the end of the tests in the arena, the losers will be subjected to the votes of the winning players who will have the opportunity to save one or more depending on the day. Following this vote, those who have less support from their classmates are permanently eliminated. Their followers, meanwhile, have to switch clubs on the app.

Games that will bring back childhood memories

However, the arena isn’t the only place candidates will have to take their tests. To increase the prize pool, players will have two types of challenges. The first, the “Cap or not cap”, will be a challenge that does not require strength. It will take place in the lion’s office and players will face off against a fox (not the real animal, a person disguised in a mask) through “extremely simple games that will remind you of things you may have seen in Internet challenges, camping or summer camp”, says the manufacturer.

Finally, “Les folies du lion” will be used to increase the prize pool (or to lower it in case of defeat) thanks to collective games. “There will be an event every day so let’s impose a rhythm of pressure, Florence Fayard slips. It is the desire to have permanent tension ”.

“We wanted to break existing codes”

With an arena as a central venue and a lion as a master of the game, The Fifty wants to be inspired by pop culture and video games in particular “because battle royale is the law in this sector”, specifies the producer. But if challenges play a major role in the game, we must not forget that the very essence of reality is to film the candidates in their living environment. “We can fail in all games, but if we are smart we can still be there at the end thanks to alliances”, remarks Florence Fayard.

“We wanted to break the existing codes that we go round and round in the classic reality series, he continues. Players have to put themselves in danger every day by passing matches and creating alliances. I’m not in a big villa lying around a swimming pool ”. By bringing the exes together among the candidates, there is no doubt that the altercations will score the game as much as the tests. And since we are in the context of a reality show, there will still be a swimming pool.

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