Watch out girls for these hidden germs … in your underwear

Watch out girls for these hidden germs … in your underwear

Watch out girls for these hidden germs … in your underwear

Are you one of those women who don’t change their underwear every day? If so, be careful as nasty little visitors could invade your panties and bras.

While changing underwear every day is child’s play for many women, others are not. Poor hygiene which could have serious consequences on the health of these ladies. According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 women, 21% of them wear the same underwear for “several days”. In detail, 10% wear the same panties for three days or more.

On the bras side, the find is also alarming. Generally, they are washed off after two or three uses. But the study found that one in three women (33%) wear their bra longer than recommended, an even higher figure among women between the ages of 35 and 44 (38%). It has also been reported that a quarter of women do not change after exercise, most often among people under the age of 25.

And while there are no rules regarding hygiene habits, experts recommend changing underwear every day and taking it off at night because dirty panties and clothes are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. “It might be tempting to cut down on laundry by wearing the same underwear for more than a day. But the health risks of infections, irritation, abnormal secretions and rashes should warn you. They make you think twice before putting on the new one again. underwear for several days “explained Elle Macleman, a skin care biochemist.

“They multiply uncontrollably”

Same story for Dr. Nichola Cosgrove, Natura Emporium skin care specialist. “By not changing your underwear every day, you will start to have a buildup of bacteria that are perfectly normal and useful if kept at the required levels. However, as they thrive in a hot, humid environment, they will start multiplying uncontrollably.”he has declared.

Specifically, those who wear underwear to bed potentially increase the risk of thrush, vaginitis, and bacterial vaginosis. Conversely, those who do not change and wash their underwear immediately after exercise could experience a noticeable increase in body odor and potentially experience breakouts or a disruption of the vaginal microbiome.

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