What a skirt with boots – the perfect model for fall

What a skirt with boots – the perfect model for fall

What a skirt with boots – the perfect model for fall

When autumn comes, some fashion combinations work every time. Among them, we note (and love) the pair of boots and midi skirt. A very simple outfit idea, comfortable to wear and certainly effective. After spending the summer wearing light clothing without asking a thousand questions, we have only one wish for fall / winter: easy-to-assemble looks.

The leopard print skirt by H&M at a low price

To follow this fashion trend, knee-high boots worn with a midi skirt, you have to find the right candidates. As for shoes, we let you discover the essential winter boots to select your season ally. In the midi skirts department we have found the perfect model from H&M, at a very low price.

Leopard print midi skirt, € 19.99,

to buy

at H&M

Why do we love it? For its leopard pattern, the most essential print of this season: after a short crossing of the desert, the leopard is back wilder than ever on our accessories and fashion items. But also for the cut, with that flattering slit and its midi length just below the knees, under which you can slip a pair of high boots.

Its other strong point? Its variation of colors and patterns. In fact, it comes in six different styles, with floral prints, strong or pastel colors. And all this for only € 19.99. A nugget of fashion as we like them that will help us perfect our looks for back to school.

Fall Look: Wear boots with a midi skirt

Now that we’ve found the core, we need to get to practice. How to match your midi skirt with your boots this fall / winter? Note that the probability of a misstep is very low with this combo. You just have to know how to balance the style of these two strong pieces.

If you opt for a pair of boots colored, varnished, printed or any other detail with a strong visual identity, calm down with a pastel satin midi slip skirt. Conversely, if your skirt is the star of the look with a bold cut, color or pattern, opt for an all-purpose pair of black, brown or nude boots.

All you have to do is scroll through our inspirations for winter looks to always be updated on the fashion trends of the season!

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