what can you buy now with your meal vouchers?

what can you buy now with your meal vouchers?

what can you buy now with your meal vouchers?

You can now use restaurant tickets or lunch vouchers to pay for all grocery shopping at the supermarket. The daily ceiling will also soon be raised to 25 euros.

Restaurant vouchers provided by your employer can now be used to pay for all of your grocery expenses. The daily ceiling for “restaurant tickets” or other “restaurant passes” will also soon be raised to 25 euros.

  • How much can you pay with meal vouchers?

After having risen to 38 euros at the end of the first imprisonment, the daily ceiling for the use of meal vouchers has dropped to 19 euros last June, the pre-crisis health level. But he should soon earn a few more euros thanks to a new increase: from 1 October at the latest (the exact date is not yet known), it will be possible to pay 25 euros a day with his “change tickets” or his “Lunch vouchers” .

• Where and when can they be used?

Meal vouchers can be used to pay all or part of the bill when eating at a restaurant, but also to buy lunch in shops such as bakeries, restaurateurs, delicatessens or greengrocers – be warned, restaurants and merchants are not obliged to accept them. This means of payment can also be used in supermarkets to buy food or prepare meals.

The use of “restaurant tickets” is however limited to working days of the week, ie excluding weekends and public holidays, unless you work on those days. In addition, it is also limited to the department you work in and neighboring departments, unless you are traveling on business.

• What can you buy in supermarkets?

Until now it was not possible to buy everything with your own “restaurant tickets” when shopping at the supermarket: you could only pay for purchases of directly consumable food products (salads, fruit, etc.), sandwiches, dairy products or ready meals – any brand has set up its own list of eligible products.

From 18 August 2022 it is now possible to use them to pay for all food shopping. This provision, approved under the “purchasing power” law, is valid until 31 December 2023, the date on which the product list will be restricted again.

• What are restaurateurs afraid of?

The relaxation of the rules in supermarkets displeases the restoration actors. Several organizers ask that the use of “rest tickets” be limited to the payment of the employee’s lunch and not become a normal means of payment, fearing losing customers during the lunch break to the advantage of large-scale distribution and home cooking.

Jeremy Bruno Journalist of BFMTV

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