What happens to the Advance Wars remake after the war in Ukraine?

What happens to the Advance Wars remake after the war in Ukraine?

What happens to the Advance Wars remake after the war in Ukraine?

The strategy game is still and always absent from the presentations of the studio after its postponement in the face of the current geopolitical situation.

In June 2021, Nintendo created a surprise with the announcement of the return of a flagship license for Gameboy Advance. sort of military version of Fire emblem, Advance Wars 1 and 2 are among these nuggets of the Kyoto company’s 32-bit portable console. After almost 20 years of absence all the same, the two titles would have been entitled to a sublimated version. Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp promised adorable graphics that mix 3D and cartoons, enough to satisfy both veterans and newcomers.

Originally slated for release on December 3, 2021, the game was eventually postponed to April 8, 2022. Unfortunately, the world situation took a sad turn between those two dates when the war between Ukraine and Russia broke out last February. Releasing a war game in the midst of real conflict was not an option for the study. Nintendo therefore made the decision to postpone the game’s release indefinitely out of respect for the people affected by this tragedy.. However, it’s been five months since the game was supposed to be released and the studio hasn’t communicated on the matter yet.

A release that is anything but (Nintendo) direct

Despite a presentation of about forty minutes full of news, Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp was once again absent from Nintendo’s announcements. Players then begin to wonder if the title is still relevant and if it will eventually arrive on Switch in the future. Even though the game is ready to be released, nothing protects it from potential cancellations.

To learn more about the state of the ghost game, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo asked a Nintendo representative the question. He then replied that:The release has been postponed, we will announce a new date when it has been decided.The answer doesn’t give much more detail about the title’s return, but at least it invalidates the cancellation entries.

Waiting for the return from Advance Warsa new Fire emblem was unveiled in the latest Nintendo Direct, enough to satisfy fans of strategy games. You can find our roundup of must-see announcements right here.

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