what is the order of succession to the British throne?

what is the order of succession to the British throne?

what is the order of succession to the British throne?

The queen is dead, long live the king! After over 70 years of reign, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away “serenely” Thursday 8 September, at the age of 96, at his castle in Balmoral, Scotland. In the process, his eldest son, Charles, became king, under the name of Charles III. He will be proclaimed sovereign on Saturday morning at St. James’s Palace in London. After the death of the monarch, eight times grandmother and twelve times great grandmother, franceinfo drew up the table of the immediate order of succession to the British throne.

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Order of succession to the British throne after the death of Elizabeth II.  (WPA POOL, SAMIR HUSSEIN, CHRIS JACKSON, KARWAI TANG, MAX MUMBY / GETTY IMAGES / ELLEN LOZON / FRANCEINFO)

King Charles III ascends the throne

At the age of 73, King Charles III is the oldest ruler to wear the crown of the British kingdom. Former Prince of Wales, Elizabeth II had prepared him for her succession for several years. In 2018, the former monarch also named his son as his successor at the head of the Commonwealth. The new ruler will first speak on television as king this Friday night.

Among the British, Charles III is not the most popular royal figure. Many of his subjects resented his divorce from Princess Diana, nicknamed “Lady Di”, adored by all British, who died tragically in 1997. The unpopularity of the heir to the throne was fueled by the extra marriage he had with Camilla Parker Bowles , her childhood sweetheart, whom she has since married and now becomes the queen consort.

The very famous Prince William is approaching the crown

On the death of King Charles III, his eldest son, Prince William, will take over. First child of “Lady Di”, the dolphin is much more popular than his father. In the second term, he was the third most beloved member of the British royal family, behind his grandmother, the late Elizabeth II, and his wife, Kate. He had 66% favorable opinion, compared to only 42% of the current King Charles III. With his wife Kate, William embodies the new generation of the royal family and the next generation. In recent years they have taken on more and more responsibilities, multiplying the presences in the name of the crown.

Followed by the three children of Kate and William

Three children were born from the union of Kate Middleton and Prince William: Prince George (9 years old), Princess Charlotte (7 years old) and Prince Louis (3 years old). As the eldest, George is now the second heir to the crown in line to the throne, after his father William. George and Charlotte fulfilled their first royal engagements during the year with their parents, a sign of William and Kate’s desire to place their descendants in the continuity of the monarchical order.

Prince Harry in sixth position

Prince Harry, brother of Prince William and youngest son of Charles and Diana, is the sixth on the list to access the throne. He has been demoted into the line of succession since the birth of the three children of William and Kate. After a princely wedding in 2018 to American actress Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite nephew abandoned all royal duties and rebuilt his life in California, with his wife and two young children. A decision that caused a scandal across the Channel. The couple flaunted their resentment of the royal family in an interview on American television, suggesting in particular that they are racist.

The two sons of Meghan and Harry after their father

Harry and Mehghan’s two sons follow their father in succession order. Archie (3 years old), her eldest, followed by Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor (1 year), named after her grandmother’s nickname, Queen Elizabeth II.

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