what the influencer told investigators in his complaint against the rapper

what the influencer told investigators in his complaint against the rapper

what the influencer told investigators in his complaint against the rapper

“I can’t take it anymore. I haven’t slept for four days. I’m afraid for myself and my family, I’m exhausted.” It is May 25, 2022 when Magali Berdah utters these words in front of a judicial police officer. The “pope of influencers” has just walked through the door of a Paris police station to file a complaint against Booba and X. According to the minutes of her hearing, which the “Complement of the investigation” was able to consult, accuses the famous French rapper who lives in Miami (Florida) and his “army” Internet users “unleashed[er]” on his “networks” social for several days.

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An investigation was opened in the wake of the Paris prosecutor’s office and entrusted to the new national pole of the fight against online into “threats, harassment and provocation to commit an attack on the integrity of the person because of his religion or his sex” I hate the judicial court of the capital.

It all started with the story of a fake watch. In late December 2021, Booba was attacked from Dubai by former reality TV candidate Marc Blata for allegedly counterfeiting his wrist. Point to death, the rapper improvises as a whistleblower on the scams in vogue in the universe of Instagram influencers and spouses. One thing led to another, Elie Yaffa, her real name, goes back to one of the “popes” of this little virtual world, Magali Berdah. At the head of Shauna Events, a company founded in 2016, she acts as a mediator between brands and reality muses, for a percentage of passage.

According to the “Duke of Boulogne”, who launched a hashtag # influvoleurs2022 and opened a mailbox of the same name, many gullible shoppers, for some minors, have never seen the color of their orders (beauty products, Playstation, connected watch …), without being refunded, or having received counterfeit items. On the basis of dozens of testimonies, also read by “Complément d’Enquête”, at the end of July he filed a complaint with his lawyer Patrick Klugman for “deceptive commercial practices” and “organized gang fraud”. Seized at the end of August, the parquet in Grasse entrusted the investigation, according to our information, to the Antibes police headquarters.

But the approach of the author of the album Ultra it did not stop at the judicial level. Magali Berdah claims to be the victim of a real cabal on the part of the rapper, strong in him “7 million subscribers” on networks. The columnist of “Don’t Touch My Friend”, who has it “2.7 million”he quotes during his complaint one of the tweets of the rapper who on May 17 set the gunpowder on fire: “@CyrilHanouna, why do you allow pedo-sociopaths and thieves, scammers, manipulators to participate in your show? A bad example for the people. People are not happy and have mobilized. With or without me, an army has awakened . Careful…”

Since that time, the entrepreneur says she has received “several hundred messages and death threats”some of which “anti-Semitic character”, Magali Berdah being of Jewish faith. Internet users go so far as to speak, according to his complaint, of “stoning” and of “behead like Samuel Paty”, this teacher murdered by a terrorist in October 2020 in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines). Her phone number is transmitted online, she receives “harmful phone calls”, “almost one per minute at certain times”, she assures. In possession of a medical certificate “who observes a state of stress and anxiety”the 40-year-old seeks police protection for her and her family.

A request supported three times by his lawyer to the relevant authorities. According to our information, Magali Berdah’s two underage daughters received an e-mail requesting € 5,000 under penalty of revealing their mother’s postal addresses and a new extortion complaint will be filed. On June 26, Magalie Berdah’s Parisian address was finally posted on the “piracy or nothing” Instagram account with “the floor, the landing door, the photo of his dog, the images of the living room of the apartment”. This request for police protection will be denied.

Heard again by the police on July 8, Magali Berdah explains that she had to move and hired two security guards. The Instagram account of one of them leaked, along with her schedule. Complain about “sleep problems”she thinks “between 10 and 20,000 the number of messages received since May 17” with the hashtags (keywords) #OKLM (the name of Booba’s Instagram account), #Booba and #LaPiraterie (the name of the rapper’s label).

“I am afraid that people will come to my house to rob me, mistreat my children, my husband and me, or that they will come to our house at night. I am afraid that when I am on the street someone will come and hurt me. So I don’t leave my house. “

Magali Berda

to investigators

Claiming to be under “anxiolytics”, “from June 22”she claims to have “had more than 8 days of ITT”. “I am very solid but this is very hard. I want him to make me live, his life does not interest me”, he says of Booba. Magalie Berdah hints to investigators about new messages from the rapper, accusing him in particular of having him “sent the Mossad”.

The influencer’s entourage continues to be targeted. Harmful phone calls are made against Magali Berdah’s mother and her 14-year-old daughter is attacked in Paris on the evening of July 14, in her car without a license. If the teenager has not registered her injuries, according to our information a new report must be filed.

Far from attacking even the legal response, Magali Berdah has used social networks and the set of “TPMP” to report the harassment of which she claims to have been a victim of Booba and to defend her company Shauna Events. With her lawyers she got the closure of one of the rapper’s Instagram accounts. The latter started legal action to obtain his reinstatement and filed a complaint for “defamation and slanderous denunciation”.

“My client is in no way responsible for these facts and his actions. And Mrs. Berdah, who sometimes takes some liberties with rigor, has never dared to claim otherwise and no one has ever attributed the slightest assertion to Booba. anti-Semite”replied the artist’s lawyer, Patrick Klugman, in a press release.

“Booba is denouncing a dangerous fact of society: the culture of emptiness and the scams it makes possible”.

Patrick Klugman, the rapper’s attorney

in a press release

After months of virtual warfare across networks and media, Magali Berdah and Booba may end up meeting in court.

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