what we know about the men in custody

what we know about the men in custody

what we know about the men in custody

Footballer Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias Pogba was arrested along with four other men on Wednesday (September 14) in an alleged extortion case. The four men are relatives of Paul Pogba, one of whom was preparing to leave the country, Franceinfo learned from sources close to the affair.

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According to information from franceinfo, in addition to the footballer’s brother, the men in police custody are childhood friends of Paul Pogba. Some even worked for him. They were all arrested in the Paris region.

Three of them are roughly the same age as the 29-year-old French international. The fourth is in his forties and was preparing to flee abroad. He has a long criminal record and served several years in prison for attempted murder. It was he who rushed into police custody when investigators realized that he was preparing to leave France, when he is known very unfavorably to the police. The others are known to have already committed petty crimes.

One of the men in police custody is suspected of asking Paul Pogba to follow him to the apartment where the footballer claims he was kidnapped, franceinfo learned. He is a key player in the case, according to the police. He is suspected of having asked for a bail of three million euros out of the 13 requested, but also of having brought in two hooded men armed with assault rifles. The same person is also suspected of having gone with others to the Juventus training center in Turin to put pressure on Paul Pogba.

Another man taken into custody is suspected of being Paul Pogba’s childhood friend while playing at Manchester United. The player then banned him from his home when he realized he had used his credit card to steal € 200,000 from him.

The four childhood friends and Mathias Pogba deny the charges against them. In the early afternoon of Wednesday, Paul Pogba’s brother presented himself to the police at the Central Office for Combating Organized Crime in Nanterre. The hearing of the man who tried to flee abroad began on Tuesday, franceinfo learned. The other hearings began on Wednesday. For “extortion and kidnapping in an organized gang”, police custody can last up to four days.

Since the beginning of August, an investigation has been opened in France for “extortion attempts in an organized gang” on Paul Pogba. During various hearings, the 2018 world champion said he was the victim of threats and attempted extortion.

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