what will happen to the queen’s dogs?

what will happen to the queen’s dogs?

what will happen to the queen’s dogs?

Queen Elizabeth II had a well-known passion: animals. Throughout her life she has been accompanied by her loyal pets, the dogs of the Welsh Corgi breed.

The first was given to her by her father when she was seven. He was called Dookie and she shared it with her sister Margaret.

Then 11 years later, as a gift to celebrate his coming of age, he had Susan. Susan accompanied her everywhere, even on her honeymoon.

In total, the queen would have around 30 corgis throughout her life. It is said that they had their room in Buckingham Palace, “the corgi room”, that their baskets were raised to avoid drafts, and that they were fed in porcelain bowls.

In her book, the queen’s personal assistant and chief dresser, Angela Kelly, claimed that these animals had been “a constant source of joy for the monarch during imprisonment.”

In 2015, the queen reportedly made the decision to stop breeding new dogs, so as not to “leave the young dogs behind”. In 2020 he has only Candy left. But her son Andrew, Duke of York, reportedly gave her two new dogs in early 2021 when Prince Philip was hospitalized, named Muick and Fergus. Muick would die quickly and be replaced by Sandy, whom Prince Andrew would offer him for his 95th birthday, according to the Daily Mail.

Upon his death, the queen would leave behind three dogs.

Adoption to the royal family

What will become of them today when the queen is dead? Royal expert Victoria Arbiter said so The independent that according to her, the corgis should remain in the royal family. “We can only speculate on the plans for the corgis: nothing is left to chance with the royal family. The royal family is a family of dog lovers, although no one particularly loves corgis. The queen has behaved wonderfully well with them.

However, the queen’s dogs are not unanimous within the royal family. In 2012, William said in an interview that they “bark constantly” and said he didn’t understand how his grandmother did.

Royal biographer Joe Little told CNN that the dogs will be looked after by royal staff before being adopted by Princess Anne and Prince Andrew. “Princess Anne has had her corgis in the past,” he explains. The last two dogs were from the Duke of York and his daughters, so maybe they could go back to him. It is unlikely that they will separate “.

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