which celebrity was hiding under the pharaoh and left the show on Tuesday 13 September?

which celebrity was hiding under the pharaoh and left the show on Tuesday 13 September?

which celebrity was hiding under the pharaoh and left the show on Tuesday 13 September?

This Tuesday, September 13th, Camille Combal unveiled a new issue of Mask Singer. And during the show a celebrity had to unmask himself, arousing the surprise of the investigators.

Season 4 of Singer in mask at its best. From 23 August, TF1 broadcasts a new season of its flagship program and viewers are waiting for you. In fact, more than 3 million onlookers are present every week in front of their small screen to follow the adventures of masked celebrities. Many personalities have had to unmask themselves as in the case of Marianne James, Frédéric Diefenthal, Yoann Riou or Marion Bartoli. Very active on social networks, internet users mistake each other for real investigators and try to find the personalities hiding under the costume of the pharaoh, the child, the knight or even the bride. And it must be said that they are particularly assiduous since the messages by the thousands pour into social networks.

Internet users are passionate about social networks

Internet users are helped each week by our quartet of investigators, consisting of Kev Adams, Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc and Chantal Ladesou. Thanks to the many clues revealed, the spectators were able to discover the unmasking of Laëtitia Milot, who was hiding under the costume of the Rat. An international star also lent itself to the game last week, under the imposing cobra costume. And after several investigators, our investigators found out that she was David Hasselhofthe star of K2000 (which was cited as a clue) eBaywatch (which seems to explain why bodyguards brought a buoy to a castle …).

The continuation under this announcement

A new celebrity had to leave the show

This Tuesday, September 13th, during a new issue of Singer in mask, two celebrities had to leave the show. Christelle Chollet, the Dalmatian, was the first to leave the show. On the exceptions against the polar bear, the thirteenth character of the season, the pharaoh was eliminated. Investigators were sure it was Francesco Huster. And it is the French actor who played the game. Here are the clues that allowed him to be unmasked. “What thrilled me from day one is sport! I remember France / Brazil as a child. I remember France’s first goals. I also wrote a book on the subject When I like a subject, I write it“, Start. “Football taught me to never give up. If sport is ancient history, I still like being a spectator“, He added.

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