Why Queen Elizabeth receives her new Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – Ouest-France Evening Edition

Why Queen Elizabeth receives her new Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – Ouest-France Evening Edition

Why Queen Elizabeth receives her new Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – Ouest-France Evening Edition


Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the summer residence of Elizabeth II, on Tuesday 6 September 2022, to officially hand over his resignation to the Queen. It is also there that the sovereign received Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister, to ask her to form a government. Here’s everything you need to know about Graceful Majesty’s iconic property of her.

(Map: Western France)

The large castle bristling with towers is dominated by an imposing keep, which overlooks an immense park. In the background rise the wooded hills of north east Scotland. This decor is that of Balmoral Castle, the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Boris Johnson, the outgoing Prime Minister, went there on Tuesday 6 September 2022 to present his resignation to the sovereign. He was therefore to receive the new head of the British government, Liz Truss, to ask her to form a government. One first: the fourteen Prime Ministers who have served so far under the reign of Elizabeth II have all been appointed in London, the capital, indicates the BBC, British radio and television. But at 96, the queen suffers from mobility issues and will therefore not leave her iconic Scottish residence.

“Shrine for the Royal Family”

September 9, 1960. Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, with Prince Philip and three of their four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew. (Archive photo: AFP)

Balmoral has been part of the British royal family since 1852. That year, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, bought the property. There’s a ” small “ castle, says the encyclopedia British . But the prince decides to build a new residence: the one where the queen spends her summers today. The works were completed in 1856, the old property was demolished.

Upon the Queen’s death in 1901, the castle remained in the royal family, and was passed down through various successions to Queen Elizabeth II. Today Balmoral is the place where the queen spends her summers, considered her favorite residence, indicates the American magazine Country town .

It’s not just a castle – it’s also a huge property that spans over 20,000 hectares, double the area of ​​the Paris department! Here there are cultivated fields, moors teeming with grouse, Scottish capercaillie, herds of ponies, cattle or deer … Guinness World Record which considers the place the largest inhabited around a castle in the world.

Traditionally, Elizabeth II spends her summers there, in what is a “sanctuary for the royal family”, according to the word of the BBC.

“I think this is where grandma is happiest”

Balmoral Castle, March 30, 2022 (Photo: Andrew Milligan / Pool / AFP)

“I think this is where grandma is happiest” Princess Eugenia, one of the queen’s granddaughters, said in 2016 in a comment reported by the newspaper The Telegraph . And “would not like to be anywhere else between the months of August and October”, according to journalist Camilla Tominey.

But Balmoral is not just a vacation spot. It is also traditionally where the queen is “I really met the prime ministers” during the weekends spent together, he still indicates The Telegraph. And not all heads of government appreciated these visits to Scotland.

Margaret Thatcher, Conservative Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, compared homestays to aa “purgatory”according to the word of the biographer of Queen Ben Pimlott, quoted by the newspaper The Guardian . What specification: “Autumn weekend in the Highlands [les hautes terres du nord du territoire, NdlR] Scotland is a non-negotiable appointment on the Prime Minister’s political agenda. “

According to the American magazine Vanity Fair the queen would switch to “Balmoral test”which would allow the Sovereign to determine whether these distinguished guests, politicians like others, “I am able to adapt to his Scottish routine which is both regal and informal”. A test that stages several episodes of the series The crown on Netflix, with Princess Diana or Margaret Thatcher, in fact …

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