Will Charles III be the king of ecology or greenwashing?  – echo vert

Will Charles III be the king of ecology or greenwashing? – echo vert

Will Charles III be the king of ecology or greenwashing?  – echo vert

NOTWe face the terrifying effects of pollution in all its cancerous forms. “ Spoken in Strasbourg one day in February 1970 during an international conference on pollution, these words are those of the young Prince of Wales. Charles is 22 years old and the first in a very long series of lively speeches on ecology that he will hold until his accession to the throne 52 years later.

A true precursor in his reign in his struggles for the conservation of life, he took sides – right from the start – in favor of the protection of hedges, against the use of pesticides, or the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). He has established his residence in Highgrove, Gloucestershire (West England), a paradise of biodiversity as well as a laboratory for regenerative and input-free agriculture. He gardens you, connects with the natural world – not reluctant to shake “a friendly handshake” on tree branches – and develops an organic brand, Dukey originals.

Wandering (in English) through the Highgrove estate with Prince Charles.

One of the first influencers …

In the mid-1980s, leaving his role as monarch, he was publicly surprised that the UK continued to dump sewage into the North Sea; a spade addressed indirectly to the government, whose then secretary for the environment is “furious”, reports the Guardian. Despite his statutory neutrality, the prince regularly sends handwritten notes to ministers (the famous black spider reminder) on ecology as on other topics.

He will not stop bringing an avant-garde speech in all the cenacles, up to the world economic forum in Davos where, in 2020, he becomes an ally of the Swedish Greta Thunberg, and presents a plan to act against the climate crisis. Specifically, he aims to put an end to the “Perverse subsidies that prevent the economy from becoming more sustainable” or use taxes, public policies and legislation to make them greener business.

… flying to the rescue of the climate on a private jet

Unfortunately, to go to Davos as to COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland), where he will deliver another touching speech to the leaders a few months later, Prince Charles gladly favors the private jet, the most polluting means of transport there is (green). On Friday 9 January, the first day of his reign, it is on board an Embraer 600 jet that the new king has joined London from Aberdeen (Scotland).

© Sanaga for the green

In 2021, Charles flew over 20 private flights within the UK “Avoid getting stuck in traffic jams” (The Telegraph). Between 2013 and 2021, the year of COP26, the royal family spent at least 13.5 million pounds (15.42 million euros) on flights aboard various devices, including helicopters, an investigation by The Independent. For example, there is a € 200,000 bill for charter flights to allow Prince Charles to officially visit Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain in 2014.

Since 2007, the prince has been publishing his carbon footprint annually. Enough to reveal that in 2018, for example, his house emitted more than 3,271 tons of CO2, the equivalent of the annual emissions of 330 French. The royal family’s fleet is equipped with three helicopters, two Airbuses, an A330 and an A321neo, as well as a Dassault Falcon 900LX jet.

“Anyone who wants to be seen as a role model in terms of the environment should take a closer look at their use of the private jet”joked Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace UK. In November 2021, if Charles agreed to fly to COP26 on the climate aboard a jet, we swear, it was after making sure he would be running on “sustainable aviation fuel”. Fuel from plants, which in reality have nothing “sustainable”.

Innovation and green business rather than decline

“Sustainable” jet fuel is also the subject of one of the first videos of the Re: TV channel, launched by Prince Charles in September 2021 in collaboration with Amazon Prime; the global e-commerce giant, known for its strong environmental impact and its own greenwashing shameless. In the midst of reports on the rewilding of nature, other videos propose to innovate to create biodegradable plastics or to suck polluting particles from car tires. Pro-business and not down for a penny, in Davos, the Prince of Wales campaigned “Invest in nature” and protect the “Natural capital”. In Glasgow he signs the guest book of a company specializing in the capture and sequestration of CO2 exhaust gases from industry.

In July 2021, Prince Charles tests a hydrogen car in Wales. © Getty Images via AFP

No more talking about politics

Having become king, Charles’ word will be fixed on ecology as on other subjects; but the smallest of his moves will have potentially immense consequences as he prepares to rule over the Commonwealth’s 2.4 billion subjects. The agricultural, energy or transport policies that will be applied to the countless residences and lands of the British crown – among the largest landowners in the United Kingdom – will also have consequences on the climate and on life.

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