Will London Fashion Week be affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Will London Fashion Week be affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Will London Fashion Week be affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

The longest reign in the history of UK has come to an end. This September 8th Queen Elizabeth II died in his residence in Balmoral. An event of historical significance but which will also have very concrete consequences on the life of the British. Mourning, ceremonies, funerals, … the next few days in Great Britain will pass to the rhythm of the protocol that will bury Queen Elizabeth II and crown the new king, her son, Charles III. Events that are likely to wipe out everything in their path, even the London Fashion Week. While the presentation of the women’s spring-summer 2023 collections has begun in New York, the London fashion shows are scheduled from 16 to 20 September.

Queen Elizabeth II at the Richard Quinn fashion show in London on February 20, 2018

The United Kingdom at the rhythm of the funeral

As soon as His Majesty died, the Kingdom started the operation “London Bridge”, a rigorous and repeated protocol to honor the queen’s death. Added to this is the “Unicorn” operation, foreseen in the event of death in Scotland. This mourning must last at least ten days between death and the funeral, although many announce twelve days, during which many ceremonies are planned. After her body has been exhibited at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh and a special mass celebrated, her remains will be repatriated by train to London. Her coffin will be placed in Westminster Hall where her subjects will be able to come and pay their respects for four days, twenty-three hours a day, before funeral, a public holiday throughout the Kingdom. All a meticulous protocol that could overlap with the events of the Fashion Week, which is expected to start just eight days after the announcement of his death.

“Keep Calm and carry on”

But for the British Fashion Council the watchword seems to be the one that has always been the motto of the crown: “Keep Calm and carry on”. Even before the official announcement of the death, Lauren Indvik, the fashion journalist for the Financial Times, posted a tweet stating that “The British Fashion Council stated that the London Fashion Week it would continue in the event of the queen’s death, but would recommend rescheduling all “non-essential” parties and events and postponing the parades scheduled during the funeral. “ Since the continuity of the crown is ensured by the direct transfer of power, British fashion will not stop. Burberry, however, has announced the cancellation of its show, reports the rowing. Currently they are the only ones. What is certain is that we can already imagine that many creators are imagining homages to the late monarch. More than ever, the spotlight will be on English parades !

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