will we still be able to buy wood pellets this winter?

will we still be able to buy wood pellets this winter?

will we still be able to buy wood pellets this winter?

While the prices of all energies have been rising since the beginning of 2022, some run the risk of shortages. This is the case for wood pellets and wood pellets, the demand for which has exploded much faster than production.

The specter of shortage hovers over the pellet and pellet market, the source of energy for thousands of French wood stoves. The request is therefore “abnormally high“, the French Federation of Fuels, Fuels and Heating (FF3C) warned on Friday 26 August. In question: the fear of consumers”who stock up and rush on pellets before winter“says a spokesperson.

Because distribution happens at a constant pace “,just in time“, also believes Christophe Chesneau, manager of the distribution company Bioéco, based in Maves in the Loir-et-Cher. The fault lies with an ever-increasing demand and an offer that (at best) is stagnant.”The state has done its job well by subsidizing the plants, it has relaunched the market“, the entrepreneur points out. Only, according to him,”production is not followed“.

He explains that he has worked for 10 years with two factories, which supply him every year. In May, and for the first time, “they set quotas for us“. Proof that the market was already feverish. In the meantime Bioeco has managed to import 500 tons of granules and pellets from Canada.

Despite this, he warns:

In a week there will be nothing left, until January.

Christophe Chesneau, Bioeco

The supply deficit is therefore expected to be between 5 and 15% this winter, according to FF3C, which has 300 pellet distributors in mainland France.

And those who say tension say price increases. Where before “factories have dragged down their prices among themselves“This year, customer calls are so numerous that prices can remain high. According to Christophe Chesneau,”there is no more competition, no one lowers prices and pellets have become very profitable“. In addition to this increase due to the market, there are several factors:”The whole supply chain has increased with energy, the price of materials, pallets, plastic… And then you have to pay more for the drivers, otherwise you won’t find them.

The market volume of wood pellets, which was 1.8 million tons in winter 2020/21 and 2 million tons last winter, is estimated at 2.4 million tons for next winter, according to data provided by the FF3C.

However, a note on the situation communicated by Propellet – the French association of pellet heating professionals – notes the forecast by the sector of a further million tons between 2021 and 2024. This “thanks to the expansion of some production lines and the construction of new granulation plants“. As a goal”a doubling of production capacity in 2028“.

Until then, the market may remain very limited. The profession therefore advises consumers “defer new installation projects not yet completed” And “do not pay for the online order prior to delivery if they do not know your supplier“.

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