WWE Worlds Collide 2022 results

WWE Worlds Collide 2022 results

WWE Worlds Collide 2022 results

It’s time to find out what’s the best split between NXT and NXT UK for Worlds Collide 2022 which took place on September 4th live from WWE Performance Center. NXT UK titles will merge with NXT Championships that night to mark the end of NXT UK forever.

WWE NXT Worlds Collide, Orlando, Florida

The commentators are Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

– The WWE NXT Worlds Collide special is tonight. The show begins with a preview video of the evening’s matches. Ricochet comes first in the ring.

North American Championship – Singles match

Ricochet vs Carmelo Hayes (c) accompanied by Trick Williams

At the end of the fight, Ricochet covered Hayes after a recoil, but Williams pulled him out of the ring. Ricochet rejects Williams with a Baseball Slide and returns to the ring, but Hayes surprises him with a Grand Slam and covers him, but he resists. Hayes gets into the corner, but Ricochet gets up and corners with Hayes for a Superplex. The two exchange blows and holds. Then Ricochet does a Poison Frog on Hayes, but Williams gets on the apron and Ricochet repels him with a Springboard Kick. Ricochet gets cornered and goes to Shooting Star Press, but Hayes knocks him down Inside Cradle for the count of three.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

– We present the video on Roxanne Perez about the loss of her friend Cora Jade and that there will be no hesitation during their match.

– We present a video about Quincy Elliott who presents herself as a ” super diva ” who will soon see the light.

– We present a video about the reign of Meiko Satomura.

– In an earlier video today, Roderick Strong is attacked in the parking lot and rushed to an emergency stretcher.

– Behind the scenes, the Creed Brothers are motivating themselves for the match. Damon Kemp says don’t worry about Strong, tonight is the night of the Diamond Mine.

Unification of NXT and UK Tag Team titles – 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match

Rather deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) accompanied by Lash Legend against Wolfgang and Mark Coffey accompanied by Joe Coffey against Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (NXT UK) accompanied by Fallon Henley against Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed) accompanied by Damon Kemp (NXT)

  • Jensen climbs into the corner, but Wolfgang pushes him to the ground. Wolfgang and Coffey make their combo kick and Slam over Jensen for the count of three and knock out the UK champions of NXT.
  • Germans Brutus Wolfgang and Julius take the tag to make their Doomsday device. Julius continues with a Running Punch for the count of three as Brutus pushes Mark down the ring.

At the end of the fight, Julius covers Prince after a Suplex, but Gallus and Jensen with Briggs go down to fight in the front row, mistakenly knocking the referee during the count. Julius prepares for his finishing move, but Kemp accuses Wilson that he wanted to intervene! Julius congratulates him, but Kemp hits him with a table. Kemp takes the referee back to the ring and Prince scores a three on Julius.

Winners: Pretty Deadly – New Champions

– Backstage, Tony D’Angelo is with Stacks for a coffee. Tony D says that the Legao Del Fantasma is about to sink, he had to cut the tie to find a bigger fish. Cameron Grimes walks in the back and Tony D says he wants to talk to him. Tony says Grimes is looking for a new friend and Grimes could make a nice addition after releasing the Legado. Tony tells Grimes to get a cookie and make an offer. Grimes refuses, saying he is not hungry.

Unification of NXT and NXT UK women’s titles – Triple Threat Match

Meiko Satomura (NXT UK) vs Blair Davenport vs Mandy Rose (NXT)

At the end of the fight, Davenport brings a BTE-Trigger to Satomura to cover her, but she resists two. Rose kicks Davenport back. So, Davenport manages to cover Rose, but Satomura gives him an ax kick. Rose surprises Satomura with her Running Knee over Satomura and Davenport and covers Davenport for the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– We present a video on Alba Fyre explaining that he wants to take revenge on Lash Legend.

– Backstage, McKenzie is with Wes Lee to get his thoughts on the game against JD McDonagh next Tuesday. Lee says he doesn’t know if it’s possible to prepare to face McDonagh. McDonagh likes to hurt his opponents, but he’s not afraid. Lee says it will all be weird on Tuesday and McDonagh won’t like it.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Doudrop and Nikki ASH v Katana Chance and Kayden Carter (c)

At the end of the fight, Doudrop confronts Carter on the corner, but the music of Toxic Attraction begins. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne arrive in the front row, but Nikki ASH throws a suicide jump on Toxic Attraction! Chance and Carter take the opportunity to bring their Neck Breakers and 450 Splashes to two for the count of three on Doudrop as Jayne prevents Nikki from returning to the ring.

Winners: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

– Behind the scenes, we find The Dyad who wants to recruit Grayson Waller. Waller asks what happens to their eyes. They reply that it is purity. McKenzie stops Waller for his reaction to the injured Apollo Crews. Waller says Crews ruined his Waller effect, so it was revenge. His family told him that he dishonored the name Waller, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need family or friends, the only important thing is the Waller effect.

– We present a video about the rivalry between Bate and Breakker.

Unification of NXT and NXT UK titles – Singles Match

Bron Breaker (NXT) vs Tyler Bate (NXT UK)

At the end of the fight, Bate gets into the corner, but Breakker grabs him and makes his PowerSlam to cover him, but Bate puts his foot on a cable. Breakker signals his finisher, but Bate blocks him with a kick and a right. Bate mistakes him for his finisher, but Breakker pushes him away. Breakker takes him to PowerSlam, but Bate drops him into Small Package, but Breakker resists. Bate throws himself into the cables, but Breakker blocks him at Spear for the count of three.

Winner: Bron Breaker

– After the fight, Breakker celebrates his victory and Bate gives him both belts as a sign of respect. Bate and Breakker celebrate together in the ring and even the show ends.

Photo credit: WWE

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