Xbox brings out heavy artillery with a new controller

Xbox brings out heavy artillery with a new controller

Xbox brings out heavy artillery with a new controller

Game news Xbox brings out heavy artillery with a new controller

In the program of this September 9th Daily, we give you a summary of the great weekend that awaits us, between ZEvent, Ubisoft Forward and the Disney conference, there is a lot to do. Xbox unveils a new cheaper Elite controller and we conclude with the controversy over the Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power series. The newspaper, let’s go!

A new Xbox Elite controller

The Xbox Elite controller is the professional controller range of Microsoft. It is specifically designed to offer more customization, more comfort and better performance. Initially, at a price of € 179.99, Xbox announces a more affordable model sold for € 129.99: the Elite Series 2 Core. A controller with adjustable voltage joystick, ultra-sensitive triggers, a battery with 40 hours of autonomy and a rubberized handle. It is sold at a lower price, because it does not include the charging station, the spare joysticks and the case. It will be available on September 21st.

A very busy weekend

This second weekend in September is full of events of all kinds and one of the first starts tonight, Friday 9 September. It concerns ZEvent 2022, a charity event that will offer its donations to 5 associations whose goal is ecology. Zerator, the organizer of the event, opened the hostilities last night with a concert. It is not the only one, tonight because, in fact, we find the Disney D23 conference, where all the branches of disney has announced new series, amusement parks and even video games. The last big event takes place on Saturday and is the Ubisoft Forward, which will highlight upcoming games and especially Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You can follow all the different events on JV.

The Lord of the Rings series, other reviews?

Series The Lord of the Rings still talks about him. After a wave of hatred for the first 2 episodes, today comes the third. As we have already said, most of the criticisms of the series are those of the casting being too inclusive, even going against Tolkien’s vision. Faced with this, the interpreters of Frodo, Merry and Pipin he sported a shirt with human ears, hobbits, elves and dwarves in different colors. An excellent response to absurd attacks.

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