Xbox Game Pass “is an amazing deal,” says developer Tunic |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass “is an amazing deal,” says developer Tunic | Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass “is an amazing deal,” says developer Tunic |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass’s interest in developers continues to speak. While we recently learned that Microsoft’s service wasn’t necessarily tailored to a game like The Callisto Protocol, others regularly comment on the benefits to their game, most notably Andrew Shouldice, the creator of Tunic, who once praised it yet. once the Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is “a great deal”

It was through the comments gathered by the Truetrophies teams at Gamescom that Andrew Shouldice once again spoke on the subject:

Unsurprisingly, the Game Pass is an incredible offer. I use Game Pass, I’m not ashamed to say it. It was kind of scary to think that 10 million people, or 20 million people, had the Game Pass, something like that. This is ridiculous, right? And so the idea that this whole audience can play your game now … I can’t imagine it.

He then draws a parallel with the time when, as a child, he went to a shop to rent a game without knowing it:

So let’s say you’re just a kid, go to a shop, now we have enough time to play, but then you had enough money to rent a game for the weekend. So when you walk in and look at all the titles, you look around and say, “Hey, that one has a sword. That’s cool. I’ll take it,” knowing absolutely nothing about the game. You can’t really do this anymore, can you? There is enough information in the world and you are probably an informed consumer; you will love to find out what a game is before you buy it.


The closest thing to that experience today is something like Game Pass, where you say “oh, a fox, does he have a sword?” I have an hour, let’s see what it is ”. And you have this experience of discovering something without expectations.

It is clear that Xbox Game Pass gives gamers the ability to experience many games quickly, while developers take advantage of the high traffic. Recall that last July, Big Cheese Studio revealed that it had received $ 600,000 from Microsoft for joining the Cooking Simulator service. This then represented 22% of his revenue from the previous fiscal year, a huge boost for the studio.

High-budget single-player games will be released directly into the service as A Plague Tale: Requiem, and it’s certainly interesting to know if that benefits Asobo as much as smaller studios.

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