Yasuyuki Oda: “We still want to bring back the licenses of the golden age of Neo Geo” – News

Yasuyuki Oda: “We still want to bring back the licenses of the golden age of Neo Geo” – News

Yasuyuki Oda: “We still want to bring back the licenses of the golden age of Neo Geo” – News

Can you give us a first evaluation of the launch of The King of Fighters XV? Are the game sales up to your expectations? And can you give us the number of copies distributed in the world?

I: We are really happy with the overall results of the game, from fan reactions to sales in general.

In your eyes, did KOF XV relaunch the license like Street Fighter IV did for Capcom in its day?

I: We had already received a positive reception and had achieved good commercial results on KOF XIVthis time around we brought back many iconic characters that players have loved a lot, and that helped build momentum and strengthen it.

Photo credits: VG24 / 7With more than a thousand registered players during EVO, pushing it into the TOP 4 of the most popular games of the tournament, KOF XV has made a notable entry into the e-sports landscape. What are your plans in the future to promote it even more in this field? And how do you explain this success compared to a KOF XIV that aroused much less fervor 5 years ago?

I: Even before EVO, we had four online tournaments, the ICFC, which were very successful. We will try to strengthen our presence in online tournaments.

Now for the announcement that sent shivers down the spine of EVO viewers. A Mark Of The Wolves sequel should have been released 20 years ago before being dropped. Can you tell us why? And are you going to use all or some of the character designs that were envisioned at the time?

I: As for the cancellation of this sequel: it was mainly due to the situation of the company and the timing of development. SNK was nearing bankruptcy. People were leaving the company. In terms of content, we brought back many of the creatives who had worked on this prototype and the first game, obviously a lot of time has passed between the two. We therefore had to rethink our approach. It’s a completely new game, but some characters will return, some won’t.

What do you think of the concept art made by Lizardcube last year? Have you been in direct contact with them after its diffusion on social networks?

I: Yes, of course, we have seen it. We already talked to Lizardcube, but nothing professional, informal about the events. We are huge fans of their work.

Will Nobuyuki Kuroki and other members of the early Mark Of The Wolves development team still at SNK be involved in this sequel?

I: Of course, we have employees like Mr. Kuroki working on the project. But we also reached out to former SNK members, who are no longer there today, to help us with development.

Are the successes of Samurai Shodown and KOF XV at the origin of the validation of the project?

I: To be able to report a license as Samurai Shodownabsent for a long time, and which was so successful on his return, it was a good sign to show us that we had to continue on this path.

Also, why did you choose to relaunch the Samurai Shodown license prior to Fatal Fury?

I: There are many different reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the uniqueness of the license, at the industry level or even at the SNK level. There is nothing very comparable to Samurai Shodown, so it’s easier to find a seat. And then one of our superiors was a really big fan of all the samurai gestures … (laugh)

KOF XV’s adoption of netcode rollback and cross-play has been warmly welcomed by gamers. Are you going to do the same with this new Fatal Fury? And, more generally, what lessons learned from the development of KOF XV do you intend to apply to that of New Fatal Fury?

I: In fact, the reception of rollback of the network code it was very good. That’s why we’re going to include it Samurai Shodown, via a free update next year. For the moment, it is not yet fully implemented. We will also have cross game integral. Take these features keys to the community and adding them to our future games, this is really our goal.

With the success of Samurai Shodown, then KOF XV and finally the announcement of this new Fatal Fury, it seems that SNK has entered a new era of prosperity. What other historical licenses would you like to resurrect? And do you plan to create new licenses in the future?

I: On our part there is always this desire to bring these licenses back to life since the beginning of the Neo Geo, the golden age in a sense: Samurai Shodown, Fatal fury, Combat art… There is a whole fan base built around it. We want to report this sensation. There are many different licenses lying dormant in the SNK library that could be restored. But we are always interested in doing new things and developing new licenses.

Your return to SNK after working on Street Fighter IV has raised hopes for the long-awaited hope of Capcom VS SNK 3. In your eyes, could this sequel see the light of day in the future? Do SNK’s development teams dream of it as much as we gamers?

I: There is always a chance in this area. We are very friends of the developers of Street Fighter V And VII. I think everyone wants it to happen, and the fans really want it too. It is a project that we constantly keep in mind.

Earlier this year, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s MiSK foundation took full control of SNK by holding over 96% of its capital. How did SNK employees experience this acquisition and what impact did it have on the company and on the means at their disposal?

I: No comment! (Editor’s note: Another time, another interlocutor: as Mr. Oda provided more details, in particular to VGC, pointing out that the Sovereign Fund’s entry into SNK’s capital did not affect “in any way” * game development or creativity).

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