You will understand better why you shouldn’t touch your nose.

You will understand better why you shouldn’t touch your nose.

You will understand better why you shouldn’t touch your nose.

Let’s be honest: most of us pick our noses from time to time. But, depending on how you pick your nose and how often you do it, you could get hurt, in some cases, causing significant damage.

All it takes is a scratch on the nose to cause severe bleeding. When the nails are long or a little rough, the mucous membrane can be scratched and scabs can form, thus allowing a buildup of bacteria present on the skin of the nose.

Where do boogers come from?

Boogers are made up of mucus, dust, and other particles that we inhale throughout the day. The mucus holds these foreign particles and forms a booger as it hardens. Boogers can vary in size and hardness, and some people seem to produce more than others. While it is unpleasant to think about it, boogers actually perform an important function. By trapping harmful particles, they help protect our lungs and keep us healthy.

How Do Viruses Get Into Your Body?

The nose is one of the three main ways that viruses enter the body, the other two being the mouth and eyes. Many protective devices protect the nose from pathogens, in particular the hairs arranged on the front of the nostrils in order to block the passage of large particles and the mucous membrane.

If a scab appears, it is tempting to want to scratch it, thus introducing new bacteria into the nose and removing more mucous membrane (the lining of the internal nasal cavity).

In fact, by removing a crust, part of the nasal mucosa disappears. In some rare cases, nasal septal perforation can develop over time.

Have you ever eaten boogers?

There’s no denying that eating boogers can be disgusting. But what is its impact on your health? Some people believe that eating boogers can boost their immunity because they contain bacteria and other helpful microbes. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

In fact, it could even lead to increased infections, as boogers can contain dangerous bacteria or viruses. It should also be noted that the consumption of boogers can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as stomach pain and diarrhea. While you don’t risk catching a cold by eating boogers, we don’t recommend it.

How to finish the nose pinching cycle?

Pinching your nose is a practice that should be avoided. But habits are hard to let go. Nose scratching, such as nail biting, skin scratching, lip biting, and hair pulling, is considered by mental health professionals to be “body-centered repetitive behavior.” These are “gestures directed at one’s body and often aimed at cleaning or removing body parts,” according to Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, clinical professor of psychiatry at Stanford University in California and director of the clinic. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of this university.

These bad habits are likely to lead to clinical illness if they cause significant harm or harm to a person’s personal or professional life. However, for many of us, these are just bad habits, not problems.

Many people who routinely touch their noses do so because their nose is simply too dry. Frequent cleaning does not solve the problem of dryness.

These people can usually improve their condition by moisturizing their nose. Nasal sprays are sometimes effective.

Those with septal deviations, which pass air through only one nostril, may benefit from the surgery. Finally, frequent nosebleeds and / or nasal infections can be signs of other problems.

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