ZEvent 2022, the video game charity event, raises 10 million euros for ecology

ZEvent 2022, the video game charity event, raises 10 million euros for ecology

ZEvent 2022, the video game charity event, raises 10 million euros for ecology

By Graziella L., Laurent P. Posted on 12 September 2022 at 00:09

From 8 to 11 September 2022 the ZEvent took place again, a charity marathon that brought together dozens of streamers on Twitch. An edition that had to face a lot of controversy but struggled to raise almost 10 million euros for the environmental cause!

When the video game brings together … for its seventh edition, the ZEventthe video game charity event was held this weekend from 8-11 September 2022. For many days, more than 50 streamers played online via Contraction in order to raise funds for various associationsa successful enterprise, as it is close to 10 million euros to whom it will return ecological cause !

Thus, last year’s record of € 10 million raised for Action Against Hunger has been equaled and is a great feat for a controversial edition. This year, not only an association will benefit from donations, but five organizations engaged in ecology, who it will divide the profits.

In fact, a dispute greatness enameled the announcement of this ZEvent, whose earnings would go to the GoodPlanet Foundation, an association linked to environmental protection. On social networks, many Internet users have questioned the choice of a foundation regularly associated with allegations of greenwashingin particular in favor of Total.

One of the founders of ZEvent, Adrien Nougaret, known as Zerato Rit therefore took the decision not to choose a single association around the environmental cause, but several, which viewers chose by vote. Sea Shepherd, LPO, WWF And The cleaners of the sea are therefore i happy beneficiaries of this hefty sum.

A changing rule, but on the streamer side, always the same principle. To encourage donations, some have had missions with a goal of the donation reach. If this is achieved, streamers are subject to a fun engagement (playing sports, dressing up), for a moment of fun with online players to follow live Contraction.

As for the 2020 edition, ZEvent had raised € 5,724,204, in favor of Amnesty International, an association that fights for human rights in the world. In 2019, almost 3.5 million euros went to the Institut Pasteur, a figure that increases year by year.

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