ZEvent: exceeded 3 million, we retrace the best moments of this charity weekend

ZEvent: exceeded 3 million, we retrace the best moments of this charity weekend

ZEvent: exceeded 3 million, we retrace the best moments of this charity weekend

news culture ZEvent: exceeded 3 million, we retrace the best moments of this charity weekend

That’s it, 3 million have been exceeded for this 2022 edition of the ZEvent. A few hours from the end, it is an opportunity to retrace some key events.


  • The 8 badges on Pokémon
  • A night in song
  • Burger Quiz at ZEvent
  • Interview with Sea Cleaner
  • An opening concert
  • Would you eat your eggs?
  • Who killed the most Sims?
  • How to donate for ZEvent 2022?

The 8 badges on Pokémon

Twitch chat was strong and coordinated enough to get all eight arena badges on Pokémon Red / Fire, Green / Leaf. An incredible success story for this poor chat, eternal victim of her streamers, rarely heard, often misunderstood. We are thinking of you for the championship in this Final Rush.

A night in song

48 hours of streaming is long, sometimes VERY long. Yet some do not hesitate to stay all night to continue feeding this good cause which is the ZEvent. It was the case, for example, of this night (between Saturday and Sunday) in which this small group of streamers improvised a counter evening in karaoke mode. Sure, the quality of their vocal cords may leave something to be desired, but the performance is there, and that’s okay.

Burger Quiz at ZEvent

This year, ZEvent had a legendary guest: Mr. Alain Chabat for a Burger Quizz with streamer sauce, and for that alone, it’s the best edition. On the program Salt and Pepper, Nuggets and of course Burger of Death that our team of big-hearted streamers had to face.

Interview with Sea Cleaner

Before being fun at the bar, ZEvent is above all a charity event aimed at collecting donations for various associations. And that Zerator wants nobody to forget him. For this he gives interviews to the representatives of the latter. A nice moment of sharing and listening.

An opening concert

This seventh edition of ZEvent did not open directly with 48 hours of non-stop streaming on Friday evening, but with a concert on Thursday 8 September with the following artists: the duo PVNova and Little Big Whale (already present in 2021), the French duo FrenchFuse known for their covers, Berywam, the duo BigFlo & Oli and Soprano.

Would you eat your eggs?

Great question our team of busy streamers had to discuss. The concept is simple: two teams compete, one is for, the other is against. Antoine Daniel also seems to have a very clear opinion on the matter. And you, would you eat your eggs? I’ll tell you about it in the comments, but it will be without me!

Who killed the most Sims?

A The Sims 4 tournament was organized on the Ultia channel, where Alexclick, Angle Droit, Domingo, Jeel, Ponce, Trinity and Shisheyu had to challenge each other through four tests: the best investor where the goal is to steal a partner, the Murder Challenge which consists of killing a maximum of Sims the Herpes Challenge, where our participants will have to kiss a maximum of Sims and the In pole position … Basically, they have to crack-crack boom-boom in as many places as possible.

There are so many ways to donate, and to find out all of them we recommend that you take a look at our detailed article on the subject. However, here is the simplest method:

  • Meeting on the official website of the event.
  • Click on the tab “Donation”at the top right of the web page.
  • Select the amount you want to donate, then click “Donate”.
  • (Optional) Enter your name and a comment. Choose your payment method.

And here it is! You will have done a good deed by making a donation for ZEvent 2022. Remember, however, that every donation (even a small amount) is essential, but above all that giving visibility to the charity event is already a good deed in itself!

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